Five Myths about Writing Strong Female Characters

Of all the overdone stereotypes currently at loose in literature and on the screen, the Strong Female Character annoys me the most. Strong Females have infested filmmaking to the degree that directors seem to think it’s no longer optional to include one. In hand-to-hand combat, a female warrior is often portrayed as equal, if not superior, to a male triple her size. Yet, despite the innumerable Strong Females marketed to us (Katniss, Jyn, Triss, Rey), I find myself struggling to relate to any of them.5_Myths_about_Writing_Strong_Female_Characters

I am aware that as a female I tend to be more critical of my own sex. I also acknowledge that although I am not capable of singlehandedly thwarting three armed assailants trying to steal my BB-8 droid, that does not necessarily imply no woman can. But in a culture proclaiming that gender is an arbitrary social construct while simultaneously bewailing a lack of female presidents, it is important that Christian authors reaffirm what it means to be a woman. Here is an opportunity for us to stand out from the empty noise by avoiding five common mistakes when writing Strong Female Characters. [Read more…]

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Sierra Ret is a homeschool student who spent nearly her entire childhood with her nose buried in a book, and consequently decided she wanted to write one of her own (preferably filled with dwarves and elves). Actually getting her thoughts down on paper regularly has proven to be a far greater challenge than she first thought, but Kingdom Pen was kind enough to step in and give her some much-needed deadlines by honouring her with a temporary spot on their writing team. When not hermiting behind a laptop screen, Sierra enjoys gallivanting across Canada and adventuring near her home in rural Ontario with her family. Currently her chief fantasies include making a living as a travel blogger and someday moving to New Zealand. But above all, her chief aim is to live a passionate and meaningful life for the glory of God.

Boxes of Tools; Tangles of Yarn: Part 2 – Practical Tips

Jackyln Crooks is back with part two of her series on writing characters of the opposite gender. Check out these helpful tips on how to make your characters believable!

Tips for Writing Convincing Guys


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So you have this great story idea, right? It’s great, and you actually like it. There’s only one problem…the main character is a guy. Actually, that’s not the problem. The problem is that you’re a girl, and you don’t understand guys, so you’ve never successfully written one. Well, here are some tips that you may find helpful. First of all, when you’re thinking through an idea, that moment when you start to go, “No, that’s crazy, it’ll never work!” Yeah, that’s the moment when a guy decides it’s a good idea. No kidding. As girls, usually if it’s risky, we back off until we can come up with a better plan. When you’re writing a guy, remember that he’s going to take risks. But they’re going to make sense to him. In his mind, they’re not cray, or stupid, or wacked out. He’s going to justify the risks somehow. Be it for his girl, for his family, or for some personal benefit down the road. Whatever the reason, it’s gotta make sense. At the same time, it’s okay for your reader to sit there, shaking their head, wondering what’s gotten into him. 

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