Writing Team UPDATE

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

The writing team results are…not in. Long story short (and we will be posting that long story later), we’ve had to delay announcing the selected tributes—we mean, interns—for the writing team and marketing director until further notice. First off, it’s really hard to choose when we’ve received a ton of awesome applications. Seriously, y’all killed it. But that, among a few other things, has led our selection committee to request extra time. Yeah, we have to take you up on that little word “tentative” in our writingteamupdateoriginal post and bump back the announcements for other announcements. Besides, this is America, and we do what we want. Let freedom ring and all that. That’s right; we’re rebels with a cause.

Now, before you go on a manhunt for the staff members with all those medieval weapons we know you own (Seriously, y’all, calm down with the long swords and revolvers, m’kay? It’s like you’re prepping for a revolt or something… Remember, Sarah and Laurel live in a doublewide cardboard box that is very mobile, so you shouldn’t even bother trying to track them down.), we will be announcing something very special around this time on Wednesday. No, not the results, but we promise it’ll be something almost as exciting. Well, for some of you, it may be more exciting than the results, but to avoid spoiling anything, we’ll just leave it at that (although you’re free to make your best guesses in the comments below). We also promise that the results will be announced as soon as we have them!

Until then, hang tight, hold your horses, and whatnot. We hate to KeeP(er) you waiting (Ba-Dum-Tsss), but again we assure you it’ll be well worth the wait when you do hear exactly what’s been going on around Kingdom Pen the past couple of weeks.


The Kingdom Pen Staff

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  1. You’re planning on giving us all a world wide tour? Ice creams for every day in summer? (I am crazy about summer over here.) Um….think, think, think.
    You’re all going to come over to Australia and visit with me? (Good idea, huh, Sarah?) 🙂
    I give up. Oooo, I hate waiting. Hey, you said you were going to post it Wednesday; that’s tomorrow….hehehe. Maybe not… Okay, I have another day to wait. Just like the rest of y’all. 🙂

  2. Hey, you never know. We’re not that far away. 🙂

    I…must have missed a day because I have no idea what all this is about. It sounds exciting, though.

  3. Ummm… you guys compiled a collection of KP’s best articles and put them in a book???? 😛 That’s all I can think of, though I don’t know why that would be more exciting for some KeePers than others… I think we would all be pretty excited. I can’t waaaaaaiiiiit…

    …and I didn’t even apply. Haha!

    Can we hope it has the excitingness of a plot twist and the awesomeness of unlimited ice cream? Laurel? Can we? *Holds breath.*

    • You can hope that indeed. In fact I believe the feeling of jubilation you will receive will be equal if not superior to that of enjoying a giant ice cream sundae topped with hot fudge sauce and sprinkles while finding out your favorite character was not killed by the evil villain, but escaped and has been hiding in a cave for 15 years. It’s that good.

      • Wow Laurel, so maybe you are serious about this ice cream thing. Is it even better than mint chocolate chip? Lemon sorbet? Cookies and cream? Surely not if I get three scoops…

        I have decided that you would make a nice villain for my next story. Keeping secrets is officially part of my new list of special villain activities. 😛

  5. So, I’m guessing that you guys invented a special portal which you will be sending to each of the KP members. With the portal we can go inside our own story worlds. YESSS!!!!!!

    • Well, there goes the surprise!! DISCLAIMER: *Kingdom Pen is not responsible for any emotional trauma, injuries or deaths caused by the evil masterminds, aliens or fire-breathing dragons*

    • HAHA! I would love this too! However, I don’t think I would last two minutes in my fantasy world. I’m woefully unskilled. 🙂 Hmm, let me think… you found the last surviving unicorn? 🙂

  6. What is this “Ba-Dum-Tsss” that I keep reading on Kingdom Pen? I’m not familiar with this onomatopoeia!

  7. AHHHH!!!! I hate surprises. Well, I like the result of the surprise, but not the actual waiting and anticipation for the surprise to come.
    I’m just gonna be sitting here on the edge of my seat until the results are announced, come get me when they are posted. 🙂

  8. Alright everyone, my prediction is that this announcement is for (wait for it) Kingdom Pen: The Musical. *jazz hands* We all get together and take our stories, write songs, and act it all out. And the grand finale will be a song title “Canadian’s Evolved from Mooses” We’ll sing, We’ll dance, It will be fantastic. *more Jazz hands*

  9. This comment section is my new favorite thing. XD

  10. Is it… a conference?
    Not that I dislike portals, but for the sake of reality people… 😛 😉
    *stares at comment section* *eyes slowly glaze over* What has the world come to when I am the voice of reason? XD

  11. Oh, come on you guys! Daeus and Hope, are you forgetting that I’m a dragon? I’m a dragon and I love ice-cream served by Hobbits. Just keep away the dwarves and we’ll be good.

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