And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

The writing team results are…not in. Long story short (and we will be posting that long story later), we’ve had to delay announcing the selected tributes—we mean, interns—for the writing team and marketing director until further notice. First off, it’s really hard to choose when we’ve received a ton of awesome applications. Seriously, y’all killed it. But that, among a few other things, has led our selection committee to request extra time. Yeah, we have to take you up on that little word “tentative” in our writingteamupdateoriginal post and bump back the announcements for other announcements. Besides, this is America, and we do what we want. Let freedom ring and all that. That’s right; we’re rebels with a cause.

Now, before you go on a manhunt for the staff members with all those medieval weapons we know you own (Seriously, y’all, calm down with the long swords and revolvers, m’kay? It’s like you’re prepping for a revolt or something… Remember, Sarah and Laurel live in a doublewide cardboard box that is very mobile, so you shouldn’t even bother trying to track them down.), we will be announcing something very special around this time on Wednesday. No, not the results, but we promise it’ll be something almost as exciting. Well, for some of you, it may be more exciting than the results, but to avoid spoiling anything, we’ll just leave it at that (although you’re free to make your best guesses in the comments below). We also promise that the results will be announced as soon as we have them!

Until then, hang tight, hold your horses, and whatnot. We hate to KeeP(er) you waiting (Ba-Dum-Tsss), but again we assure you it’ll be well worth the wait when you do hear exactly what’s been going on around Kingdom Pen the past couple of weeks.


The Kingdom Pen Staff