By Anne of Lothlorien

Some words are ancient
As old as the ages
With green, newborn words
They’re put down on pages

But they dance off the paper
And run down the street
Stopping and bowing
To people they meet

They ride on the clouds
And climb through the trees
Unfasten their sails
And follow the breeze

They fall from the heavens
Right into my hands
I string them on twine
And the silkiest strands

Then I hang them up high
In the cerulean blue
And every so often
I keep just a few

But never forever
One thing I know
A word must be free
Wherever it goes

Our lives often change
All things have their season
But we feel a connection
And I know the reason

Words sail through the sky
And fly through the seas
They travel the world
And bless whom they please

They link us together
The people they find
Those who are and have been
Our stories entwined

The one-day-I-wills
And the happily-ever-afters
The dreamers, believers
All threaded together

As they have been
Throughout the ages
Our words are much more
Than ink on the pages

They move and inspire us
Condemn and set free
Reach farther and deeper
Than we’ll ever see

None other possesses
What you have just heard
The power and mystery
Of one single word

The summer she turned eight, “Anne” made two very important decisions. The first was to become a Christian, the second was to become a Lore-wain. (For those who do not know the wonderful world of the Wingfeather Saga, that means a teller of stories. Read the books.)

Starting her writing career with a four-page story about a purple sheep, “Anne” set off determinedly down the road to becoming an authoress. Whether she reaches the end of her journey or not, time alone will tell. Currently, time’s not talking much, so we’ll just have to be patient for a while.

Although being published is a big deal for her, “Anne” also has various other accomplishments, including being able to make homemade pizza from memory, scraping through geometry respectably, and teaching her little sister a year of fourth-grade English. She likes roller coasters and the color forest green.