Let’s face it. Your confused about who’s rules dictated how those annoying little similar words work and how their supposed to be used. You know, like two, to and too. Or their and they’re. Or its and it’s. What’s the difference, anyway?

For those of you who aren’t writers, believe it or not, us wordy people don’t always understand this madness any better than you do. When two or three or four words all sound the same but have completely different meanings, it’s pretty irritating (and difficult) to keep them all apart, but it’s kind of important, too. We here at Kingdom Pen aren’t obsessed with grammar. We value good, well-written and powerful stories much more than the correct usage of a past participle phrase (whatever the noun that’s supposed to be).  That said, however, words only have power when you use them correctly, and you can’t do that unless you understand the difference between them.

Here’s a video that should help simplify the madness for you. Bookmark the location for easy reference. You’ll probably need to refer back to this in the frequent future until you have time to memorize the difference between whose and who’s.

I know we’ll be right their with you.

 (Click on the picture to view the video)