A poem on the power of music.


Will you hear?

It floats through the air

The sound splashes like a waterfall

Tumbling over the rapids


Will you be silent?

There is a gentle noise

Gathering up like the clouds

Ready for the rain to spill over


Will you be still?

And feel the vibrating floors

It moves through the ground

And touches every wall


Will you not see?

The fingers that trace the white and black keys

They press in perfect time

And feel the melody flow


Will you listen?

The careful sound of bow over string

The hands touch the handle

Pulling it across to make the deep notes come alive


Will you close your eyes?

Listening to the mist

That echoes around your heart

Pulling you away from the pain


Will you rest?

And let the worries fall

Into the stream the music weaves

And carries away in the notes of a hymn


Will you come?

Away with the sound of the music

To the very heights of the mountain

Where you sleep in the garden waiting


Will you hear?

The birds singing

The cello ringing

The tune your heart has wanted to hear

Will you hear?

The rhythmic calls

Of one note to another

As they take the song away


Will you hear?

The piano plays in your heart

The viola to please the soul

The flute to ease the wounds


Will you hear?

The song of the weary

The hearts of the torn

Come running away with the sound