By Mariposa Aristeo

What is life? What defines it?

Even the dictionary can’t describe it.

If you had to define it, what would you see?

If it was left up to me, this is what it’d be:


Life is more than writing and reading a book,

More than eating and learning how to cook,

It is more than watching movies and having fun,

More than buying merchandise by the ton,

Life is more than science, math, and school.

It is more than impressing people and being called “cool.”

If that was all life was, I’d call my life useless,

And the best things I did, worthless.

Living would not even be worthwhile,

If it were only having a money pile.

Is life living for your family or your friend?

No, life is living for the One who has no end.

Life is loving Him who first loved you,

And serving Him in all you do.

Immeasurable joy, immeasurable love,

Are gifts from our Father above.

Sacrificing for others, being called His,

This, my friend, is what life is.

Mariposa AristeoMariposa Aristeo is a self-taught artist who captures the glories of God’s creation on canvas. She has a Ph.D. in creativity and a master’s degree in imagination.

If you asked her what her favorite things are, she would probably say nothing, since she is extremely shy and quiet. But if you ask her to write about it, she’ll give a five-page treatise on palm trees, peas, and sweet potatoes. When she’s not thinking, reading, or writing about dinosaurs, she’s drawing them. Easter eggs are as common in her art as they are in Disney-Pixar films. She is a spider-hating germ-killer who is repulsed by people who don’t wash their hands. She enjoys perusing the works of John MacArthur and Charles Spurgeon, but the Bible will always remain her ultimate guide to the truth.

If you wish to hear the tippy-tap of her keyboard, visit