What Is Kingdom Pen?


What is Kingdom Pen?

Whenever someone asks me what Kingdom Pen is, I have a hard time describing it succinctly.

We may have started out as an online magazine.

But at this point, we’re so much more than that.

So at our annual staff retreat, we recorded a video explaining what exactly Kingdom Pen is and what we do.

Check it out below and share with your friends!


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Josiah DeGraaf is a high school English teacher and literature nerd who fell in love with stories when he was young and hasn’t fallen out of love ever since.
He writes because he’s fascinated by human motivations. What causes otherwise-good people to make really terrible decisions in their lives? Why do some people have the strength to withstand temptation when others don’t? How do people respond to periods of intense suffering? What does it mean to be a hero?
These questions drive him as a reader, and they drive him as a writer as well as he takes normal people, puts them in crazy situations (did he mention he writes fantasy?), and then forces them to make difficult choices with their lives.
Someday, Josiah hopes to write fantasy novels with worlds as imaginative as Brandon Sanderson’s, characters as complex as Orson Scott Card’s, character arcs as dynamic as Jane Austen’s, themes as deep as Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s, and stories as entertaining as Wayne Thomas Batson’s. In the meantime, you can find him writing articles here or short stories at his website (link below) as he works toward achieving these goals.
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  1. Oh man. I laughed so hard when you mentioned the mutant frogs on your head, Josiah. And ice cream, Daeus. *bows* Your majesty.
    Great job, guys!

  2. @dragon-snapper I did the same thing. But the bloopers at the end really cracked me up…

  3. Oh my word I loved the frogs reference. XD

  4. Wonderful video!!!!! It explained Kingdom Pen in a complete and engaging way.

    Plus, the “inside jokes” part was awesome! 😀

  5. I think anyone would be intrigued by the idea of ice cream and mutant frogs xD

  6. Ahh, this was so much fun to film. Can’t the entire KP community live closer, please?

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