By D.G. Snapper

There once was a man from Vain

His life was focused on gain

He worked for his wants

It pleased him just once

And his countenance was blank as a pane


There once was a girl from Vain

Her escape came only from feign

She laughed and she tried

Only it was a lie

All she did went down the drain

There once was a boy from Vain

Never did he think to constrain

His thoughts he let loose

Even that was a ruse

Like the moon, his attitude would wane

There once was a woman from Vain

Her beauty came from her long mane

But inside was conceit

The darkness of deceit

Who could wash the bountiful stain?

There once was a slave from Vain

Freedom was only for the birdbrained

His heart was there

His help was where?

An identity solely from his chain

There once was a king from Vain

His main interest was in champagne

A reason to celebrate

Drinking wine, his trait

Against his belt was much strain

There once was a hunter from Vain

He was the only one with a brain

A gift from the Lord

That was for sure

The truth he could not restrain

There once was a hunter from Vain

He preached what he believed to the domain

The king was displeased

The hunter planted the seed

God’s glory was worth all the pain

There once was a man from Vain

Now he only wanted it to rain

He kicked up the dust

The Lord’s love melted the rust

The man believed what the hunter explained

There once was a girl from Vain

She’d had enough of the campaign

A Book she read

And her heart was led

She had royal blood in her veins

There once was a boy from Vain

Convicted he was of his lane

Paths he decided to switch

No question as to which

That the Lord is Lord was plain

There once was a woman from Vain

Could beauty truly be featherbrained?

A mirror she asked

To the answer, she gasped

Original beauty she wore once again

There once was a slave from Vain

A map he had of the true terrain

His heart was there

He was in God’s care

Those chains he would no longer maintain

There once was a king from Vain

He sat on his throne in disdain

His people were gone

That was his con

To the end, he lived as profane

There once was a hunter from Vain

Whose eyes were red with tear stains

The Lord did His grace

And if that was the case

Then surely death was slain

There once was a land called Vain

But the children had jumped that train

Because they were free

And filled with all glee

They changed the kingdom to He Reigns

D.G. SnapperFourteen-year-old D.G. Snapper lives in Southwest Virginia with her Christian family and a dog who can’t decide whether he wants to sleep or run around the house in laps. Her writing hobby began nearly two and a half years ago, inspired by the fact that most of the books in the young adult and children’s sections at the library were gory and/or inappropriate. A desire to write was kindled out of a hope to write a God-glorifying novel and her love of writing has grown since then. She loves medieval fantasies and historical fiction, and envisions her novels standing out among the other books on the library shelves.

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  1. Can I be the first to say…WOW. This is just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us, D.G. Snapper!

  2. I LOVE HOW YOU DID IT ALL IN LIMERICK! 😀 😀 😀 Seriously, limerick is one of my favorite poetry forms, and besides I love the turnaround for the characters. Very cleverly put together. 😀

  3. This is great! I love the story. Bravo and encore!

  4. This is so awesome and creative. I really enjoyed the story line, how you tied together several people’s stories into one. Though I don’t like sad endings, I appreciated that you honored reality and had one of the stories not end well. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  5. A limerick!! Awesome. I love this!

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