The Rebel and the Princess: A True Story of Two KeePers

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful Princess in the kingdom of Indiandia. Her parents taught her all that it meant to be a princess and prepared her to one day meet and marry a prince from a nearby land. They warned her about rebellious men who would seek to dethrone her future rule and tarnish the kingdom, and so the beautiful Princess vigilantly guarded her heart.

rebelandtheprincessOne day while on a stroll through the kingdom, the Princess happened upon a peculiar sight: a Rebel who acted like a knight. How strange! He looked just like the kind of man her parents had cautioned her about. But he was…different.

Occasionally the Princess would venture out of the palace to observe the Rebel as he tried to stir up the populace in surrounding towns. To her amazement, he did not speak against the kingdom, or in favor of rebellion. On the contrary, he strove to spur the people toward loyalty.

The Princess had to know more…

She followed the Rebel to an enclave on the edge of the kingdom where he resided. Although she wore a disguise, the Rebel suspected her true identity from the moment they met.

Unfortunately, the Rebel’s enclave was slowly being taken over by enemies of the kingdom. Together the Princess and the Rebel fought to maintain the purity of the haven, but it was a lost cause.

The Rebel was soon called elsewhere, and he left the enclave for good. The Rebel and the Princess parted ways…

Their friendship seemed ended, and many years passed, but the Princess never forgot the Rebel, and the Rebel never forgot the Princess. Meanwhile, the Rebel had infiltrated far into enemy territory, battling great foes with much success…at least for a time. Eventually he became weary and was pushed out of enemy lands and back to where he had begun, despairing for the future. He needed a helper, an ally.

Out of the blue, he received a message from the queen, inquiring why he had not attended a party hosted by a friend of the Princess. The Rebel was confused, for he had received no invitation and didn’t understand why the queen would be contacting him. Soon afterward, the Rebel was invited to a party at the palace itself. He attended, but he was only able to speak a few words to the Princess. Although it was a nice party, he couldn’t help feeling a sense of disappointment on the journey home…

However, a year later the royal family needed the Rebel’s aid in a grand construction project. In the midst of that project, the Rebel realized he wished to marry the Princess.

But alas, the king and queen wanted the Princess to marry another, and the Rebel’s elders likewise desired someone else for him. It seemed like it was not meant to be…

Time passed and then the Rebel found himself in need of the Princess for a council meeting to determine the fate of another quest into enemy territory.

The Rebel suspected that the Princess was being courted by the prince of a neighboring kingdom, so he did not believe his friendship with her would develop any further.

But he was mistaken…

After seeing the Princess off on her journey home, the Rebel again knew he wanted to marry her…but was it his LORD’s will?

Two months elapsed and the Rebel fervently sought the will of the LORD concerning pursuing marriage to the Princess. His emotions said yes, but would his LORD?

Finally, after temporarily ceasing to correspond with the Princess, he received his answer:


He had one final challenge to overcome—to gain the approval of the Princess’s father, the king.

So the Rebel traveled to the palace and stayed with the royal family for nearly a fortnight, and the venture was successful beyond imagining. At the end of his stay, the Rebel received the king’s blessing to marry his daughter, the Princess.

Now only one question remains: Will the Princess accept his proposal?

To be continued…

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  1. Which KeePers are you talking about? Is this really a true story?
    Wait a minute, I know a KeePer from Indiania…..

  2. If this is a true story about a real person’s love, I think the way you’ve described and written it is beautiful.

  3. What… is this??? Is this the surprise? Oh my goodness, who is this? This isn’t a joke? What’s going on!??
    I also know a KeePer from Indiana. WHAT. IS. GOING. ON.

  4. Oh dear, this is too good. The opening line — amazing. Absolutely amazing
    And the confusion…
    I’m going to die! *dies*
    *Through hysterics* States’ rights, ice cream, and KeePers forever!

  5. *Gasp!!!!!!!* Is this your revelation???? Give us the second part!!!! The rest of my fellow KeePers shall pick up our swords and demand answers…oh, wait, Daeus is apparently dead…

  6. Who?
    …I’m dying of suspense! I’m…dying… *pants* *collapses*

  7. Oh my goodness, this is so cute!!! What’s going on? What? When? WHO!?!?

  8. Yo Sarah, if you get this, make sure to bring a paramedic to the announcement.

  9. Who did…where was…how…WHAT!!!!??? I believe you all will have to fight the staff without me. I…feel… *falls to the ground* *Doesn’t move again* :p

  10. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I am trying desperately to figure out who it could be. *looks at the clock and grimaces at the minutes slowly ticking by. *


  11. This is so exciting! I just have one problem. It seems now half the population of KP is dead. Who knew writers have such a delicate constitution?


  13. The KP comments section continues to win the internet.

  14. I haven’t died yet but I soon will if all is not explained… I accidentally dropped my defibrillators in the incinerator with the shock of this announcement, and now my heart is giving me problems… People… really!!!!!! Who is it???!!!
    *fades away with delicate gasp*
    *slips into water with barely a ripple*
    *slowly sinks*
    *lies glimmering in the moonbeams at the bottom of the lake*

  15. Dear me. This is great fun. I brought a restock for all the newcomers.

    • Never mind we don’t need a Doc cause Daeus brought the thing that cures everything. Ice Cream.

      • Am I all alone up and still alive??? No ice cream for the Dragon it would seem…*doesn’t die, but flies off to mourn its friends and celebrate news…alone…in a cave…in the dark…as a dragon…boo hoo.*

  16. This story is just so beautiful! And really who started this infectious death! (Writers are so dramatic!) Someone find the KeePer Doc before it’s too late!

  17. @bluejay We need a doctor before everyone else dies, too! 😉

  18. Amid all the drama and dying and screaming suspense, I just want to say that this is absolutely beautiful. I love the idea of announcing something like this this way, and whoever the Rebel and his Princess are, I just want to be the first to say ‘congratulations’.
    So… congratulations. 😀 I wish both the Rebel and the Princess all the best in everything.

  19. *happy sigh*
    I love reading KP comment sections.

    This is so exciting! Hurry up and complete the story!!

  20. ICE CREAM!!!!!! Everyone that just up and died is missing out.

  21. Cannot resist any longer…
    *Prepares to type*
    *Reaches for ice-cream*
    Guys I think I’m going to…
    *Falls dramatically to floor*
    Oh, wait…
    *Gets up*
    Never mind. Today is not that day! I have things to do.
    *Takes bite of ice-cream and types away*

  22. *doctor runs in* I’m not dead, I promise. I’ve been sleeping. Now what seems to be the problem??? Oh my word! Everyone is dying!!!!! Why? Patience is a virtue guys. You all need to take my B-calm tablets. Honestly. I really want to know who have come together, but it will happen. When we least expect it too. And like Kate said, Congratulations.
    *sits down to wait, while licking ice cream.*

  23. Due to my computer malfunctioning, my initial comment of surprise and wonder was lost.
    Congratulations to you both!
    I love how this story was written. It parallels the real life story so beautifully.
    But seriously everyone, why all the dying? This is a time for rejoicing, not morbidness.
    *computer dies*

  24. Awe! This is really cute! <3 So happy for you guys!

  25. This is so sweet! 🙂 I didn’t actually read this in the correct order because I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to see the “announcement” first, but I like it, especially how it ends. 🙂

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