By Olivia Morgan White

The human mind is truly the scariest thing of all.
It twists and warps and spirals and spins…
And slowly you lose control.
Life jumps out of proportion,
And nothing makes sense.
Monsters evolve from mist
As the mind manufactures fear,
And terror pounces upon us without warning.
Obstacles become mountains
As the stones we should have stepped over
Now seem to be insurmountable.
Nothing is as it seems; no one can be trusted,
Especially not yourself.
The world is a dark and dismal place,
A dungeon with no way out.
You find yourself underwater,
Trapped beneath the glassy surface of the sea of sanity.
A weight drags you down; your foot is caught.
Frantically, you try to save yourself…but alas,
You are a captive, enchained by your mind.
Little by little, on your own, you drown.

But I’m not afraid of the darkest abyss,
For gentle hands are holding me,
Keeping back the dark,
Staying my light within it.

Infinitely gentle, infinitely strong,
The Maker of my mind is holding me.