The Great Gatsby

By Christine Eaton

If you are like most high school students, the Great Gatsby is on your reading list: why?  Is it to experience a masterpiece of literary genius or is there something more to this novel?  In 1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote this story, which is a staunch example of the frivolity of life without Christ as the foundation. Wealth, power, vanity, and adulterous relationships are the four core elements that drive the characters and plot of The Great Gatsby.  GreatGatsbyThroughout the story, it is shown how the characters felt secure in their way of life, how they let their own desires and impulses lead them, and how they twisted the morals they did have to fit in with their sinful lifestyle. In the end, they found that their world had collapsed because they did not have a proper foundation. Matthew 7:26-27 says “and everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house upon the sand. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against the house, and it fell. And great was the fall of it.” [ESV] this verse is the perfect description of the life of Fitzgerald’s main character, Jay Gatsby.

Jay Gatsby is a man who has everything, yet he is not satisfied with his life. He fails to find satisfaction and happiness in the things he pursues. Every night he throws an elaborate party at his house in hopes of gaining the attention of one woman, named Daisy Buchanan. Through secrets and deception, lies and lusts, Gatsby, Daisy and the other characters in this novel, find themselves lost chasing after the fleeting things of this world, ultimately destroying their lives.

JJ Heller says in her song ‘In the End’: “Oh this silly heart of mine, looking for new things to buy. Nothing really satisfies in the end, in the end. Greed is making fools of us, waging war, betraying trust. Empires only fade to dust, in the end, in the end…Build your kingdom all your life, then say goodbye in the end.” Everything that the characters had, their magnificent lives, their riches, their great castles, including those of The Great Jay Gatsby, were made of sand and they collapsed to the ground because they were missing Jesus Christ as their cornerstone for their lives’ foundation. If they had Christ as their foundation, their hearts would have been changed, they would be striving for Him instead of their impulses and desires, and their sins would be forgiven by their faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ who is our Cornerstone.

Content Advisory: The book contains some language

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Christine Eaton is a student at Providence Christian College who loves stories and hopes to publish children’s books. Wearing flip-flops in December, frequenting the beach, and taking every opportunity to visit Disneyland, Christine relishes living in sunny Southern California. She can usually be found happily sipping tea, memorizing lines from the latest play she is a part of, caving into her addiction to chocolate, writing encouraging snail mail, or listening to music, which is usually something folky like Andrew Peterson or the Gray Havens, or some Broadway musical (and rarely anything landing between those two categories.) Art is one of her largest passions, and her walls are covered in her sketches and paintings. Christine yearns to use her skills to glorify God by illustrating and writing her own children’s books that will teach children more about Jesus. Some of her favorite authors include A.S. Peterson, Francine Rivers, Louisa May Alcott, and Andrew Peterson. She is so thankful for the opportunity to manage Kingdom Pen’s social media accounts and help out around the Kingdom wherever she can. From the encouragement, enthusiastic young Christian writers, and her fellow staff members, KP holds a huge place in her heart and she is excited about encouraging young writers to write well and glorify God through their writing.
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  1. Linda Davis says:

    Christine: The Great Gatsby wasn’t on our highschool reading list way back when, and my only exposure was through the movie starring Robert Redford. Even so I couldn’t watch it all.I remember being sad and disgusted at the same time by the wasted lives, hence never watched the remake.
    All that to say that you have opened my eyes and heart to a perspective I never considered, one which redeems the movie now in my eyes. So thank you and congratulations on a wonderfully written piece. Hope to read much more from you.

    God bless you. Linda from Canada

  2. Kristin Gomez says:

    That was so great Christi! I had forgotten what that novel was about. Thanks for the insight. I look forward to reading what you write about next.

  3. I really enjoyed reading the Great Gatsby. It is very well-written and suspenseful, though the ending is depressing. This book really demonstrated to me again how much the world needs a Savior. Great job with the review, Christi!

  4. Love it! 😀 Now I really do need to read the book (even if the ending is depressing). XD

  5. Becky Chambers says:

    This book left me with so many mixed emotions and, after its ending, I was confused. As a Christian, I didn’t know what in the world I should take away from this story (except to not cheat). Your perspective of all of the character’s magnificent lives and great castles being constructed of sand truly made the story make sense for me. Thank you for your awesome work and great analysis!! Can’t wait to see what you write next girl!:D

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