By BlueJay


Once upon a time,

There lived a man and wife,

Who both were very poor,

And had been all their life.

Until they found a goose,

With feathers white and grey,

It lived on grass and corn,

And laid an egg each day.

They didn’t eat the eggs,

Instead each one was sold,

And do you know the reason why?

Those eggs were solid gold!

They soon became quite rich,

With fancy clothes to wear,

A regal house to live in,

Which made the neighbours stare.

And yet the man was greedy,

“One egg is way too slow,

I bet that goose is made of gold,

I want it in one go!”

And so he killed the bird,

“What a fool I’ve been,” he cried,

It was like any other goose,

Not a speck of gold inside!

So if you want too much,

And have a lot of greed,

You might lose what you’ve got,

The things you really need!!

(Written with help from her sister)