The next issue of Kingdom Pen has finally arrived! This issue marks the end of one era, and the beginning of another. While Eli King is moving on, his dream and vision will not be leaving with him. The work Eli has started with Kingdom Pen is far from finished, and it is now up to all of us to carry the flag as Eli moves on to fulfill the will of the Lord in the other areas of his life.


This time of transition has allowed the leadership of Kingdom Pen to evaluate where we are, what we want to be, and how we can better fulfill our mission of encouraging young writers to write well, write purposefully, and to always write for Christ. We are overflowing with ideas and are incredibly excited about the future, and hope you are too!


Some of the ideas we will be seeking to implement that you can all look forward to include,


  • Turning Kingdom Pen into a quarterly publication and making hard copy versions available for purchase. Have you been published in Kingdom Pen? You can buy the issue and see your article, short story, or poem in print, rather than just in an electronic format. Even if you haven’t been published, a hard copy makes for easy reference or a great gift for a friend or relative.
  • Making all issues available for download on the website. Are you new to the magazine or have you lost a past issue? No problem, just download a new PDF.
  • Turning the Kingdom Pen website into the main vehicle for content. We want to help out our writers as much as we can, as well as draw in even more writers and form a community. To accomplish this, we will begin posting much more of the submissions we receive on the website. This will provide more exposure for our writers and allow them to “get their names out there”. This will also make draw more traffic to Kingdom Pen and allow us to grow our community of Christian writers.
  • More staff opportunities. The more we do with Kingdom Pen, the bigger the work load becomes. In order to keep improving, we’ll need more people on the team. In the near future, we will begin taking applications for job positions. Want to be a member of the KP Team? You can apply.


These are just a few of the ideas and goals we would like to achieve to continue to improve KP. We’re always open to any ideas or suggestions you may have as well. Know a way to improve Kingdom Pen? Send us an email at Additionally, please keep submitting material! The eMag issues we send out will be collections containing “the best of” from each quarter, so no more submission deadlines; all our material will be posted on the website.


What has already been accomplished has been nothing short of spectacular, but there is no telling what more God has in store for our future. Now is the hour to consider anew how you can wield your pen in the service of the King, and the advancement of His Kingdom.


Keep spreading the word and keep writing!

Reagan Ramm

Editor, Kingdom Pen Magazine