God’s Word is very special indeed,

More than anything I’ll ever need.

It is a pillow of comfort to rest my weary head,

The satisfying food with which I long to be fed,

The water that quenches my strongest thirst,

The shelter that protects me from the worst,

The loving teacher who guides me to the path of light,

The law that informs me of what’s wrong and what’s right,

The candle that lights up the darkest room,

The song of joy in the midst of gloom,

The sword that pierces the stiff-necked soul,

The shield that blocks every fiery coal,

The compass that guides my way,

The jewel worth more than I could pay,

The fire that warms the coldest hearts,

The soap that cleanses my dirtiest parts,

The medicine that heals all sickness,

The helper in my weakness,

The seed that plants a fruitful vine,

The letter from the One who is divine,

It is all I long for, hope, and dream,

The very words of Him who can redeem,

These things you may know too,

But what is God’s Word to you?