By Julia Zwayne


I walked upon a lonely path,

As darkness settled in,

The wind began to moan and sigh,

And taunt me of my sin.

The fog and clouds were creeping close,

As if to kill me there,

The memories and the past regrets

Were spinning everywhere.

The torture and the bitter pain,

The callous words of strife,

The sin, the lies and utter shame,

Had ripped apart my life.

Forgotten, beaten, cast aside,

Shunned and left to crawl,

No one listened to my cries,

Or to my echoing call.

The bitterness had seized my heart,

Had made me cold as stone,

And now I walked upon this path,

Forgotten and alone.

As I walked, with hanging head,

While clutching to my skirt,

A piece of paper small and white,

Flew past me in the dirt.

I leaped ahead and caught it fast,

Then held it close to look,

It seemed as if it had been torn,

From somewhere in a book.

Words were there, across the sheet,

They smote me to my soul,

They seemed to burn me as I read,

“Life is beautiful.”

I stood there as the icy wind

Bit and gnawed my face,

As angry words consumed me there,

And made my heartbeat race.

Beautiful. Beautiful?

The word had sounded strange,

I used to think it meant a lot,

But that had surely changed.

I walked ahead, my hands clutched tight,

Around the note I held,

With bitterness and wrenching pain,

My heartache burned and swelled.

How could life be beautiful

If love was hardly there?

How could life be beautiful

If gentleness was rare?

How could life be beautiful

If people robbed and lied?

How could life be beautiful

If people sinned and died?

How could life be beautiful

If there was never light?

How could life be beautiful

If terror came at night?

How could life be beautiful

If people killed and fought?

How could life be beautiful

If hope was left to rot?

How could life be beautiful

If misery came and went?

How could life be beautiful

If trust was poorly spent?

How could life be beautiful

If dreams were blown away?

How could life be beautiful

If friends left by the day?

How could life be beautiful

If everything you’ve known

Has flown and gone away for good,

And left you all alone?

My hands lost hold upon the note

It flew and wisped away

With the wind that blew so strong

Through clouds both thick and grey.

I stood there, empty and depressed,

With nothing in the world,

In the midst of fog and wind

That blew and moaned and swirled.

I walked with stumbling, tripping steps,

I pushed and trudged ahead,

My aching legs and throbbing feet

Dragged me down like lead.

Then I stopped; I turned, I froze,

I lifted up my eyes,

My body trembled, quaked and shook

With shock and sheer surprise.

The darkness parted, tore and ripped,

Like curtains trimmed with lace,

A light appeared, both clear and white

It shone upon my face.

I stood there with uncertainty,

I tried to hide and flee,

But something pulled me down to earth,

It pulled me to my knees.

The light was shining fiercely bright,

It made me turn aside,

I shook and quailed with mighty fear

And wished that I could hide.

A voice then thundered, roared, and spoke,

I trembled at the sound,

It came from here, it came from there,

It came from all around.

“Life is very beautiful,

When things are dark and bleak,

Life is very beautiful,

When sin has left you weak.

“Life is very beautiful,

When dreams have gone away,

Life is very beautiful,

When light has left the day.

“Life is very beautiful,

When darkness settles in,

Life is very beautiful,

When love gives way to sin

“Life is very beautiful,

When bitterness has stayed,

Life is very beautiful,

When hopes have all decayed.

“Life is very beautiful,

When you are cold as stone,

Life is very beautiful,

When you are left alone.

“Why is life so beautiful

After all that you’ve been through?

Because I’ve been here all along,

I’ve always been with you.

“I’ve pulled you through the hardest times

I’ve seen you in despair,

I’ve showed you love and tenderness,

And showed you that I care.

“You didn’t know, you didn’t see,

That I was by your side,

When the people jeered and mocked,

And stole from you and lied.

“I saw you in the darkest times,

I held you in My heart,

I’ve known you since the dawn of time,

I’ve known you from the start.

“I am your God, I am your Lord,

I gave you breath and life,

Now turn aside from all your ways,

From all your sins and strife.

“Life is very beautiful,

For I am always there,

I’ll pull you through the silent night,

Through darkness and despair.”

The voice became the whispering wind,

The light began to fade,

The fog, the wind, the darkness came,

But I was not afraid.

I did not shake, I did not run,

I looked up at the sky,

I knew those words had been the truth,

And not a crafty lie.

I turned my back against the wind,

A song came to my soul,

I raised my voice and cried aloud,

“Life is beautiful!”