By D.G. Snapper

According to the riches of His grace,

I am covered by the shield of faith,

Under His yoke

With unconditional love

Which is beyond comprehension.

Apart from the world;

Against the evil,


And in the place of condemnation

Prior to accepting that I have fallen utterly short

Within the light of His glory.

Despite my folly,

We are next the green pastures

Behind the Good Shepherd

Next to the Still Waters

In regard of His Majesty.

On account of zealous adoration,

We are ahead of our past,

And are growing toward His perfect will.

We are relating to His sovereignty and undying mercy,

Admiring His zealous adoration

Which is opposite to rejection;

Owing Him our everlasting supplication.

Between the words of encouragement

And past the temptation,

Abandoning the corrupt nature and selfish desires

Because of His grace; until His return,

Together with fellowship and testimony

After the repentances and redemptions since the cross,

We are called by reason that we are sealed

Concerning the brotherhood and alongside fellow believers,

Therefore to spread the gospel amongst the nations.

Hallelujah for the cross!

For I am undone by its mercy and grace—

That which was brought to us at the cost

Of our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings.

20160625_190348_(1)Fourteen-year-old D.G. Snapper lives in Southwest Virginia with her Christian family and a dog who can’t decide whether he wants to sleep or run around the house in laps. Her writing hobby began nearly two and a half years ago, inspired by the fact that most of the books in the young adult and children’s sections at the library were gory and/or inappropriate. A desire to write was kindled out of a hope to write a God-glorifying novel and her love of writing has grown since then. She loves medieval fantasies and historical fiction, and envisions her novels standing out among the other books on the library shelves.