My Testimony

By Natalie Griffin

That glorious day I felt a stir,

One in my heart that I’d never heard.

It was the Word

Coming to intervene in my lost, broken life,


To be a light in my darkness and a relief to my strife.

Although it’s fair to say in my eight-year-old circumstance,

I didn’t give the true meaning of “new life” a second glance.

It wouldn’t be until several years later [Read more…]

Dancing in the Dark

By Isabelle Evans

I put my headphones in,

And I begin to sway,

I rock back and forth to the music

And welcome in the day.


No one knows I hear it,

I doubt they’d even care,

But my music is special,

I find my quiet here.

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Dust and Ink

By Mallory O’Bier



New and black;


And the paper rolls back.

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10 Steps to Writing a Successful Poem

Staring at blank paper can be daunting. It’s just a piece of paper, but there’s so much it can hold! It is light now, but it has the potential to be a paperweight if the right words are written upon it. successfulpoempinterest

The same could be said about a poem. It could be a waste of space, or a Pulitzer Prize Winner. How does one write a successful poem? I have created this easy and simple step-by-step guide for you to use as often as you like!

Step 1. Select your foundation

A stack of clean white paper is required. Ivory or parchment is recommended, even a soft clay tablet and an authentic stylus works just as well if that’s your cup of Joe. Lined paper is heavily frowned upon because the lines interfere with the creative free spirit.

Step 2. Locate your weapon of mass construction

Pencils are the preferred writing tools for a poet. Pens are not commonly used due to the amount of erasing a poet performs when crafting. Unless you favor the strike-through look in your poem, repeat step one until you have selected enough paper to keep rewriting, or just simply stick with a few boxes of nicely sharpened pencils. And save yourself the trouble and purchase a package of erasers. I hear Sam’s Club has a great value pack. [Read more…]