May Theme – Coming of Age

Hello Kingdom Pen!

May Theme Blank

This month’s theme is “Coming of Age”.

It’s the time of the year when many are closing in on graduation, and by the standards of many, “coming of age.”

The “Coming of age” trope is a common one in fiction. For example, Luke Sykwalker, the lowly farmer boy, is thrown into the middle of a galactic struggle and forced to mature to be able to defeat the enemy.

In every Coming of Age story, a character starts out young and immature, and then grows into adulthood.

How does one write an effect “Coming of Age” story? How do we write effect character arcs showing a character growing in maturity over time? What advice or experiences do you have with with writing these kinds of stories? Send in your submissions post-haste so that we have time to approve and publish them this month!

Next month’s theme is COURAGE! Start writing your submissions for next month’s theme and submit them this month so that we can publish them next month.

We look forward to reading your submissions!

August Theme of the Month: World Building

Hello Kingdom Pen!

August Theme Blank

It’s a new month and that means a new theme! This month we will focus on world building.

World building is one of may favorite parts of writing; however, it can also be one of the most complicated and time-intensive parts of writing too. How does one make sure their world makes sense and is consistent? How do you create an interesting world that rises above the cliches? Have you ever created your own language for a story world like Tolkien did? How do you not let world building take over your life and prevent you from writing?

I can’t wait to read your submissions! Happy writing!

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Theme of The Month: July


Hello Kingdom Pen! It is a new month and that means a new writing theme! This month is warfare in writing.


July Theme BlankIf you write adventure novels, odds are, there is going to be some combat. This month is dedicated to articles focusing on this subject matter.


To give you some ideas for articles you could write:


  • How do you write a fight scene
  • What is the deal with military hierarchy?
  • Equipment, weapons, logistics
  • Common mistakes
  • Ethics of warfare

Can’t wait to read your submissions!


For those of you that still have submissions waiting to be published, we will try to get all of those published this month as well!







June Theme of The Month!

Hello writers and readers of Kingdom Pen! A new month has arrived, and with it, a new theme!

June Theme Post Graphic

This month’s theme is “Killing Writer’s Block.” I think we’ve all had it before. I personally had it for about a year! Yeah, I’m bad. However, this month we will be focusing on ways to help you defeat Writer’s Block, rather than bemoaning how it so often seems to get the better of us.


If you have any experiences concerning Writer’s Block and how you defeated it, send us an article!


Happy writing!


(Some of you still have submissions for last month’s theme being reviewed, and we will posts those as well upon approval.)

May Theme: Characters and Relationships

Hello Kingdom Pen! It is a new month, which means a new writing theme! May Theme Blank

For this month, we will be focusing on characterization and relationships. To give you some ideas for what articles you could write, here are some questions you might want to try and answer.

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Theme of The Month: Portrayal of Christianity

Hello Kingdom Pen!

With it being April, it time to officially announce our new writing theme for the month! Last month focused on Female Characters; this month, or focus will be the portrayal of Christianity in your story.TOM April Post Graphic

Just how should we go about depicting Christianity in our stories? What does writing for Christ actually mean? Is it okay to “preach”? Is it okay not to mention God at all in your story?

How to exactly portray Christianity, whether it be in books or movies, is something I believe Christians have struggled with. Braden Russell wrote a very good series on his blog discussing the problems with Christian films.

It seems too often story is sacrificed for a good message. While it may seem noble, we forget that great quality is just a part of God’s nature and truth as are moral statutes.

What are your thoughts? How should we got about portraying Christianity, or Christian morals, in a story? What should we include? What should we not include?

I think this is going to be an exciting month! As always, we still accept submissions on other topics during this month, and the themes are just meant to help our focus. This theme only applies to articles, and we still accept short story and poetry submissions on any topic, provided they fit with our guidelines.

We look forward to your submissions! Happy writing!