Perfectionist’s Prayer

By Kate Flournoy

Lord, give me the courage to accept that I am human.

Give me the confidence to plod in the path You’ve given me,

Even when others soar,

And the peace to wish them joy with a whole heart.


Remind me that I am where I am

Because You placed me here,

And that the plans I have for myself

Aren’t necessarily the plans You’ve had for me from the beginning—

Plans for good, and not for evil, as You promised. [Read more…]

The Prayer of an Author

By Lauryn Trimmer


Dear God,

Thank you for making me able to write

Words that grow into stories.

Even though whether or not they are good stories remains questionable,

(The answer being almost positively no,)

Thank you for my efforts anyway.

Bless my family while they attempt to tolerate

The unexplained shouts of anger coming from my room

As my villain grows too villainous for my hero’s health. [Read more…]