Five Methods to Flesh Out a Character

By Naomi Jackson

It’s happened to every writer. You push through thousands of words like butter, and then a pivotal character suddenly dries up. The voices in your head stop talking. You’re stranded without a plot or character arc, because it’s impossible to portray a person you know nothing about.

Never fear! Below I will describe five ways that have helped me uncover more random facts about my characters and delve into their motivations to understand who they truly are. Once you’re inside a character’s mind, it’s easier to predict what he wants and where he’s going.5_Methods_to_Flesh_Out_a_Character

Interview Your Character

You’ve probably seen graphics on Pinterest that prompt writers to jot down ten or twenty details about their characters that readers may never learn. These lists can be a great asset. Scribble down whatever pops into your head first and feel free to be silly, but it’s crucial to dwell on the tougher questions too. What is your character’s worst fear? Favorite childhood memory? Why did she choose this profession/quest/etc.? What drives her forward? [Read more…]