By Greta Dornbirer

On my thirteenth birthday I met my true love. I invited my entire class, maybe one hundred kids in all, to my birthday party. I thought it would be fun if everyone brought their favorite book to discuss. That was my mistake. The popular kids never read books—either they were too stupid or they didn’t consider it “cool.” The bullies, who my mom made me invite, were definitely too stupid to read, and they thought that everyone else had to be just as dumb. So they stole kids’ books at school, including mine.healing

The normal kids tried to stay out of the bullies’ way. Many of them didn’t like to read because they were scared of what the bullies would do to them. One time the bullies forced a kid who had been reading Robinson Crusoe to flush his book down the toilet. Of course that clogged the toilet, and the poor kid got doused with disgusting water.

I was one of the odd kids—or the nerds, as the bullies dubbed us. My best friend Neal was a nerd too, except he was a science nerd, not a book nerd like me.

Neal showed up at my party with his favorite book on how to blow things up. I hoped he wasn’t planning on demonstrating what he’d learned from the book. Next came Chealsie, a known theater nerd. She brought a book on how to act well. Then I waited…and waited…and waited for the other kids to arrive. But they never did. [Read more…]

How Can I

By Greta Dornbirer


How can I hope,

To ever measure up?
How can I think,

That I could be perfect,

If only I tried enough?

How can I feel,

That I am good enough?

How can I?

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A Day in the Country

By Greta Dornbirer


Oh, where are you going,

On this sunny day?

To the country I’m a-going.

Why to the country?

The city you should try!


Oh no! The city is not for me.

For I prefer the country,

Where all is bright and gay.

The night is dark and starry,

And brilliant is the day.

The air is crisp in autumn

The cider is a-brewing.

Everything is rustic.

Birds chirping in the spring,

The smell of sweet honey, [Read more…]

I Am Yours

By Greta Dornbirer

Where am I?

How can I escape,

From this horrendous black hole I’m in?

A hole called Sin,

Sucking me in,

And no one can help me out.


Light piercing through,

Shining on my face.

There is someone who can help me,

Make me be whom I’m meant to be,

Not just someone,

In the dark hole of Sin.

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