The Divine Letter

By Mariposa Aristeo

God’s Word is very special indeed,

More than anything I’ll ever need.

It is a pillow of comfort to rest my weary head,

The satisfying food with which I long to be fed,


The water that quenches my strongest thirst,

The shelter that protects me from the worst,

The loving teacher who guides me to the path of light,

The law that informs me of what’s wrong and what’s right, [Read more…]


As writers, we are all creators, mimicking the One who created us. Let us never forget that we are the greatest artistic works ever crafted, created to enjoy God, and glorify Him forever.

By Leanna Newby

Paint. Living splotches of sympathy streaked across the alabaster portrait.

The rough hands caressed the canvas,

The brush of creation danced with a life of color.

A creamy white glaze appeared along the ridge,

Across the page, a golden heavenly glow peeked out of the rocky pinnacles,

Observing the child below.

The young boy gazed down into the deep azure ripples,

Hoping to capture his heart’s desire.

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With My Song


A poem reminding us that come what may, God is in control, and we can have peace in Him.

By Ashley Barr

Why is my life going to pieces?

Why is my world falling apart?

Guilt and anger are clouding my mind,

While mourning fills my heart.

What have I done to deserve this?

Why are these trials crushing me?

How can I fill this void inside?

When will my heart be free?

How can I soar like eagles,

When I can barely crawl?

I give up; I give it to you,

I can do nothing at all.

Lord, you took my heart and made it clean.

You gave me a life brand new.

You took my mourning and gave me dancing.

And with my song I will praise you.

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The Political Illusion

Worried about the election? Don’t be.


Not every problem is a political one. The solution to society’s problems lies in advancing the kingdom of God.  Check out this video and hear John Stonestreet’s great thoughts on the issue.

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Last Song

Psalm 86:15 But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.

Nothing is more comforting than God’s love for us.


Last Song

By Olivia Smit

That night I cried
And you were there.
You stilled my storms
You touched my hair.
My heart cries out
I mean no harm.
Please come and fill
My empty arms.

My thoughts are tangled
And absurd.
You took my hand
You said a word.
And like a bell
Rings through the night.
Your words of love
Have made me right.

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