KP Critiques – 36

Welcome to the 36th edition of KP Critiques! May others be inspired by your bravery, Lady Kate. Even the most skilled wordsmiths shudder at the sight of an editor’s dagger, but it’s a necessary training procedure. Although you may emerge with blood splatters on your hands, your sword will be sharpened and your story will wield more impact.KP Critique 36

I issue a challenge to all the squires in the audience. I beseech you to don the armor of a knight and come forward. Dost thou hear the trumpet sounding? Send us your novel excerpts!

Now, onward to the analysis of Kate’s intriguing tale!

There are lots of things in the world I guess no one was ever really made to understand. Different things for different people sometimes, but for the most part it all boils down to the inevitable. Things like destiny. Love. Evil. Death. I know a lot about death. But destiny especially. [Read more…]

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KP Critiques – 11

We’re back with another critique! Thank you all so much for having the courage to send them in! We know it’s never easy to have your writing critiqued, let alone shared for the benefit of others. That takes guts! But we also know that receiving critiques from others is one of the THE BEST ways to grow and improve. Constructive criticism is invaluable!

This critique comes to us from Kori, and her novel, Forever in My Memory KP Critiques Post 3


Thank you Kori for this submission! 

She was young–fifteen at the most. Somehow I knew, despite the sorrow that had drawn her features.

It sounds like you’re trying to make a surprising contrast here since it’s unusual for someone to have a lot of sorrow and also be only fifteen.  However, the contrast here isn’t really working for me since, given that we can’t see the character, once we hear that she’s fifteen, we don’t really get the full thrust of “somehow I knew,” because we expect her to be fifteen.

If, as I’m assuming, you’re trying to surprise us with this unusual combination, instead begin by describing the sorrow of this woman.  Describe the glint in her eyes and what her sorrow makes her looks like.  And then shock us with the revelation that she’s only fifteen.  The same information is portrayed—but because the order of it is reversed, the reader will be much more interested in the story.

She had a hard, determined glint in her eyes and her hands were large and strong. I would not have been terribly surprised to see her lift my desk and throw it across the room.

She marched right up to my desk. “Are you Mr. Wilson?” Her question seemed accusatory somehow.

“Yes?” Almost involuntarily I stood up and removed my hat.

“I’m here about your ad.” She slapped a newspaper onto the table forcefully. I had the uncomfortable feeling that I had done something wrong.

“Is . . . there a problem with it?” [Read more…]