As Light Cascaded

By Emma Travis

The fabric was blank.

The void, so still, so silent,

Just You, You in Your beauty.

Threads of quiet universe

Hushed, waiting.


Wise and understanding, You knew,

Knew Your heart held love,

A thing more powerful

Than any solitary force. [Read more…]

Mercy Triumphs

By Zelphia Peterson

“Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, 13 because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment.” James 2:12-13

Mercy triumphed over judgment

At the cross, that mercy tree

As all our sins were washed away

By His blood on Calvary


Mercy triumphed over judgment

When the stone was rolled away [Read more…]


By Ingrid Dornbirer

Shattered and shameful,

These things described me.

Fearful and hateful.

These words defined me.


Broken and chained.

That’s how He found me.

Confused and blamed,

When His love surrounded me. [Read more…]

Poetry Contest – Announcing the 1st Place Winner!

Here it is! The announcement you’ve all been waiting for…

This poem…just wow. It touched MacKenzie and I both on a deeper level. Which is why we picked it. As I was reading it a sense of wonderment and a worshipful spirit awakened and I felt drawn to my knees. Not only that, but the specific words used and double meanings laced throughout caused us to ponder as we read.

When you can provoke that kind of reaction in a poem, you know you have written a great one! I am most certain that you will have a similar reaction as you read this poem.   poetrycontestwinnerpost

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly pronounce that Aberdeen Livingstone’s poem, Weight of Glory won first place! 

Weight of Glory


cool wind like an old friend, new adventure, purls over me, sifts through my hair

stars spear light aeons old, falling like a kiss, newborn to me

leaves like paint chips dance downward to find a new belonging place

(because this is not the end)

trees, bereft, bare, but blooming with hidden life for yet another spring

(because there is always a new beginning

my little corner of the universe illuminated with so much glory—

shoes off, knees down, bow in awe

(because this burning bush is blinding)

somewhere the sea roars its celestial praises, uncontainable joy in the fury

somewhere the mountains murmur in the twilight of a King far loftier

somewhere the desert stretches, speechless, smeared with glory

but here too—even here—the majesty makes mute

(because sometimes words are not enough

glory like a shroud over all the land, woven into its very fabric, seething with lava at its core

(because Immanuel is God with us

sparkling with every grain of dirt, singing with every cricket chirp

(with us)

and I am unmade, remade by this weight of glory


IMG_1950According to her brothers, the sound that characterizes Aberdeen Livingstone is clicking computer keys as she creates poems, novels, and short stories. A logophile and quote collector, Aberdeen loves reading an eclectic array of genres. She also enjoys traveling the world as a military kid, hanging out with her four younger siblings, listening to a variety of music from Handel to Hamilton, and pondering everything. A home-schooled junior, Aberdeen is full of dreams for her future, including plans to study graphic design or technical writing in college and schemes for world domination. Above all, Aberdeen is a redeemed daughter of the King. You can read more of her writing at A Glimpse of Starlight.



By BlueJay


Bombs exploded, bullets stung

Orders were to fight then run

For the men who went to war

Little food and dirty water

Life was sometimes just man slaughter

For the men who went to war. [Read more…]

Silver Strings

By Jada Morrison

Melodies flow from silver strings

As the player draws her bow

Song flows full and free

Sometimes fast, sometimes slow


Spotlights shine upon the scene

Varnished wood of the violin gleams

Everyone sits in silence

As in a wonderful dream [Read more…]

Depression’s Journey

Darkness. Shadows. Pain.

Just another human.

Just another life.

What was the point?

Was it worth the fight?

Every sunrise a battle.

Every sunset a temptation.depressionsjourneypoem

Doubt. Fear. Anger.

Monsters in the closet.


The terrifying escape.

Just another human.

Just another life.

What was the point?

Was it worth the life?

Faith. Hope. Love.

Spirits that clung.

Life. [Read more…]

Eternity Times – McKennaugh’s Poem

By Elisabeth Sullivan


Promise me one memory,

One drop to hold and reap;

Grant to me one hopeful dream

As at last I fall asleep.

Let me cherish one simple time

When life was simpler well;

Give me one final faith to keep

Even if I should not tell. [Read more…]

The Goose and the Golden Egg

By BlueJay


Once upon a time,

There lived a man and wife,

Who both were very poor,

And had been all their life.

Until they found a goose,

With feathers white and grey,

It lived on grass and corn,

And laid an egg each day.

They didn’t eat the eggs,

Instead each one was sold,

And do you know the reason why?

Those eggs were solid gold!

[Read more…]

10 Steps to Writing a Successful Poem

Staring at blank paper can be daunting. It’s just a piece of paper, but there’s so much it can hold! It is light now, but it has the potential to be a paperweight if the right words are written upon it. successfulpoempinterest

The same could be said about a poem. It could be a waste of space, or a Pulitzer Prize Winner. How does one write a successful poem? I have created this easy and simple step-by-step guide for you to use as often as you like!

Step 1. Select your foundation

A stack of clean white paper is required. Ivory or parchment is recommended, even a soft clay tablet and an authentic stylus works just as well if that’s your cup of Joe. Lined paper is heavily frowned upon because the lines interfere with the creative free spirit.

Step 2. Locate your weapon of mass construction

Pencils are the preferred writing tools for a poet. Pens are not commonly used due to the amount of erasing a poet performs when crafting. Unless you favor the strike-through look in your poem, repeat step one until you have selected enough paper to keep rewriting, or just simply stick with a few boxes of nicely sharpened pencils. And save yourself the trouble and purchase a package of erasers. I hear Sam’s Club has a great value pack. [Read more…]