A Wish Fulfilled

By Adora Istrate

She wandered through her life

With her nose in a book,

Every event, every game,

For those blessed pages forsook.


She jumped in every puddle,

Felt for every wardrobeā€™s back,

Dreamed of her secret identity

And armies come to attack.

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By Adora Istrate

I’ll do it later, says the boy to his mother,

Maybe it’ll get done in some way or another.


I’ll do it later, says the girl with great dreams,

But “later” takes up much more time than she deems. [Read more…]

A Day’s Art

By Adora Istrate

A note.

Chased by another.

Harmonies drift to my ear, Iā€™m craning my neck to hear more.

I close my eyes.


Color washes across my vision.

Each streak, each picture, for each note, each chord.

They dance together.

Silence. [Read more…]