Poetry Contest – Announcing 3rd Place!

We are so excited to finally be revealing to all of you the third place winner! MacKenzie and I had a difficult time narrowing it down as there were thirty entries, but we made the choice and here is the poem that snatched our creative writer’s side.poetrycontest3rdplacepinterest

This poem is perfect for writers as we can all relate to the big bad, evil writer’s block! 

We hope you enjoy reading it just as much as we did!

Congratulations Lauryn Trimmer!! 

The Death of Imagination

A Poem Illustrating Writer’s Block

It was a terrible fate,

My imagination was left out at the gate

And, in the mad criticism of late,

Was swiftly murdered by the hate.

This is still a terrified shore

As we roam the streets he’d roam the more,

All of us shall miss him sore,

And forgetting him will be a chore.

This was wickedly preordained

By the critics whose displeasure rained.

His blood they spilled, his tunic they stained.

Poor Imagination will never be regained.

This is a horrid time,

The melancholy church bells chime

For the master of all sorts of mime,

Of writing, acting, and of rhyme.

This is indeed a ghastly scene,

His grave is blanketed in green,

His tombstone the bleakest I have ever seen,

The sadness of its words is keen.

This is a depressing view,

A group of my characters, although few,

Cried rivers of tears as if on cue

For the imagination we all once knew.

Lauryn_TrimmerLauryn Trimmer lives in California with her parents and two brothers. When Lauryn was three, she began writing her own stories, most of them starring Snow White and Larry the cucumber. Now she enjoys writing poetry and working on her two novels. Her favorite genre is fantasy, but she writes contemporary Christian stories too. When she isn’t writing, Lauryn enjoys singing, playing basketball, and archery. In the future, Lauryn hopes to become a published novelist and an actress.

BYN Contest: 3rd Place Winner!


Kingdom Pen is proud to announce the third place winner of our Begin Your Novel contest! 


Congratulations, Aimee Meester!

Her entry, untitled:

Score: 79

Sachi Tagaskri had exactly one more day to live, and she was decidedly unhappy about it.

Dying wouldn’t be pleasant, she knew, not like this. Even lying there on the cot that smelled strongly of whoever had been there last, she could feel the thick rope around her neck. Feel the sudden loss of footing, the snap, the blackness. Sachi had seen it a thousand times before in the square. She just hadn’t thought it could be her there, instead of some poor bloke who’d been caught nicking a bite to eat.

The fact that she hardly even knew of the man she was supposed to have murdered added insult to injury.

“Rubbish,” she muttered, not for the first time. “Absolute rubbish. Hang it all.”

BYN 3rd place Post Graphic

What the Judges said…

“Okay, so I love snarky understatements. The fact that the main character is “decidedly unhappy” about her execution made me chuckle, and endeared me to her right away. The tidbit about her barely knowing the man she was supposed to have murdered told me that there’s a lot more to what’s going on than meets the eye, and snags my interest.

Another thing I love: Puns. Sachi’s irritated ‘Hang it all’ was perfect and made me way happier than I should probably admit.” – Braden Russell 


“I want to read more! Not just because of the threat of death the protagonist faces, but because I want to get to know this character more. In this limited space, the voice of  Sachi is very clear and distinct, punctuated by her understating sense of humor, and ability to find a pun in the middle of distress.

Also, what is going on in this story world? Has Sachi really seen a thousand hangings, or is she just exaggerating? Why was she falsely convicted? Was it just an accident or is someone out to get her? In just 125 words, this story has me interested in the character, the plot, and the world outside of the main character’s prison cell.” – Reagan Ramm

As the third place winner, Aimee will receive a $25 prize, provided by our sponsor, the soon-to-be-launched, CoastalConservatory.com: Intentional Living for Cultivating the Family Enterprise.