Hello Kingdom Pen! We have another contest for you, although this one does not involve sending in a writing submission.


Win a FREE T-Shirt!


KP News Post Graphic

Kingdom Pen is in the process of developing KP Merchandise (T-shirts, Mugs, Pens, ect.) to be added to the Kingdom Pen Store. However, we need your help! We want you to give us your suggestions for what quote/slogan/phrase we should use on one of our T-shirt designs! Your suggestion can be funny, serious, or a mixture of both, but it must be writing related, and it must be original. What kind of writing T-shirt have you always wanted? Leave your suggestions in the comments!


Kingdom Pen will then select our top 10 or so suggestions, and then let YOU vote on them. The winner of this contest will receive a free T-shirt with their quote on it!



If God didn’t mean for books to be printed, He wouldn’t have invented trees.


We will be taking suggestions up until August 5th, so you have until then to submit your entry in the comments below!


Also, we would appreciate it if you would answer this ONE question survey letting us know what other types of merch you would like us to create. Depending on how many responses we receive, we may add other types of merchandise to go along with T-shirts. Thank you!


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