A great poem reminding us that the world is a very safe place for a Christian.

By Haley Long

When my fears threaten to seize

My heart in a cold clenching grasp

I know You are watching over me

When my mind fills up with doubt

And I can’t seem to take control

I know You are within and without


So please take me in Your arms

Hold me close and don’t let go

Reassure me I’m safe from all harm

Oh, Lord Jesus, You’re my Father

I’ve no reason to doubt You

Safe in Your arms, You love like no other


As I plead and cry to You

Satan tries to discourage me

And convince me I’m not getting through

But through the clouds of my storm

Your loving voice falls on my ear

And tells me, “Come, you’re tired and worn.”


So please take me in Your arms

Hold me close and don’t let go

Your love is greater than the world’s charms

Lord, I trust You completely

My life is safe in Your hands

I bask in the knowledge that You love me


Your love dispels all my fears

And brings me to tears of sheer joy

For I know I’m loved by One who cares

Lord, I can never recount

All the blessings You’ve given me

I can never repay this amount


Oh, Jesus, Friend and Savior

Great and Mighty is Your name

You are the ultimate love giver

You are always here for me

I’ve no cause to doubt at all

I’m safe in Your arms for eternity


Oh, Jesus, I’m safe in Your arms.