Poetry Contest

Who’s ready for another contest?! We are. In fact, we’re pretty jazzed about announcing this one!

Do you write poetry? Then this contest is just for you! As it is National Poetry Month we thought it befitting to host a poetry writing contest.  poetrycontestpinterest

What’ll You Win? 

1st place – a critique and comments from the judges of their poem, as well as this amazing book, A Poet’s Glossary
2nd place – a critique and comments from the judges of their poem, along with a beautiful complete collection of Emily Dickinson’s poems.
3rd place – a critique and comments from the judges of their poem.

Contest Guidelines

The contest will run from April 20-30.

That’s ten days to whip up a poem, trim off an old one, or showcase a brand new one you’ve been waiting to present. Take advantage of those two weekends!

Our contest is limited to those of you who happen to be in that special age category lovingly known as teenagers: 13-19

One poem per contestant. 

This limitation is your best friend. You can focus all of your attention on that one little winner and shock the words right out of us.

Poem length: 15-50 lines. 

Contest Submission Guidelines

Formatting Qualifications 

  • Format all submissions in Times New Roman font, at 12pt text size. Left-justify all text and use italics for all words of emphasis.
  • Type the title of your submission at the top of the page in bold text, with your publishing name typed directly below it. Skip a space, and then begin your material.
  • Save your file under the following title format: your last name/comma/your first name/hyphen/the title of your material (example: Miller, John – Evening Tales)
  • In the subject line of your email, write Poetry Contest Submission.
  • If at all possible, please use Microsoft Word files. If you do not have Microsoft Word you can easily download versions of it for free from the Internet.

Where to submit: 

As always each submission should be sent to the Kingdom Pen email: kingdompenmag@gmail.com

Judging Process

Our two poetry editors, Haley and MacKenzie Long will be determining 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

Each poem will be rated on its poetic technique, effectiveness, style, and creativity.

We eagerly anticipate the flood of entries!

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  1. Ok, I totally need to do this. Time to put the ole wd40 on the poet chugging noggin.

  2. Can I just say thank you, guys, for NOT having this be A SPECIFIC TOPIC POEM contest!? 😛
    For some reason, the kinds of contests that tell you approximately what you’re supposed to write about always kill my creative juices. I am definitely entering this. Thanks so much!
    *sharpens virtual pencil, gets dreamy, faraway look in eyes* KP, here I come!

    • I know that feeling. It’s like if you put a cap on it the creativity goes unconscious. 😀 And you are welcome!!! I love the variety. We just had to make the 15-50 line rule so that MacKenzie and I wouldn’t be reading novels of poems. 😛
      And that’s right, use the pencils. 😉

    • Lol I totally get that. X) It does help that it’s not super specific. But then at the same time, I tend to /need/ rules. Like “What if they meant to mention a thing I’m not allowed to do?? Am I doing this right? WHAT IF THEY DIDN”T WANT ME TO WRITE ABOUT A TROLL AND A BUTTERFLY???” 😛 But yeah, let the creativity run free and I wish you luck. ^_^

    • You go for it, Kate! I’m rooting for you! (Only because I’m too old to enter 😉 )

  3. Oh my goodness! I can’t wait!!!! Totally entering. Time to go back through the old poems…or create a new one. 😉

  4. Awesome! Totally entering! 😀

  5. Yay! 😀 *runs off to go polish up all of my old poems*

  6. *spradl-in* FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES! Love y’all. *spradl-out*

  7. Sarah, can Aussies and other overseas people enter too? I hope so, cause I am working on a new poem that I’d love to send in. 🙂

  8. Quick question— how many submissions; one? Or are we allowed more?

  9. Looks fun! Just a question, is it alright to submit a poem which has been posted on a blog before?

  10. Hannah W. says:

    I have one question: can this poem be one that I have posted on another website?

    • No. Your poem must be an original that has not been published on another third party site. If you have just posted this poem on a personal blog, though,then it is acceptable. 🙂

  11. Hi there! I’m considering entering this contest (with a poem that I’ve already written) and I just have one question; what do we do if our poem does not have a title?

    • Not a problem, Abby! You should definitely enter the contest! You can just stick “untitled” up there for the title. Or you could say “Too Cool for a Title.” 😉

      • Thanks Sarah! Unfortunately I already sent mine in… I just gave it a title (that I don’t particularly like.. 🙂 ) just in case.
        (But I will keep “Too Cool for a Title” in mind in case I have something like this happen in a future contest. 😉 )
        Thanks again!

  12. So excited for this! One question: Are we allowed to submit poems we’ve previously published on a personal blog, or do you only accept unpublished pieces?

  13. Quick question: Is .docx a workable format to send it in?

  14. Good to know, thanks!

  15. Is that supposed to be 15-50 lines or stanzas?


  16. Just to be clear, does the contest run till 11:59 on April 29, or 11:59 on April 30?

  17. Even if I don’t win, (which is likely) at least I got motivation to write 2 poems out of it!

  18. How quickly following the deadline will the winners be posted?

  19. ^^ I was wondering the same thing.

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