Who’s ready to find out who the second place winner is???
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MacKenzie and I were absolutely delighted with this poem. (I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t drag it out any longer, but this is fun! Keep reading!) The poem itself actually looks like a piece of art. The shape of it reminds you of a falling raindrop. As the poem progresses you can almost feel the rain falling. The creativity and style was fabulous! I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it just as much as we did!

Congratulations Katrina V. on your poem, Rain



And drizzle

Fade into downpour

Droplets race down windows

Puddles form on shaded sidewalks

A symphony plays in the gutters

The wind blusters in between the branches

Mugs of tea are brewed as lightning flickers

Umbrellas of every color appear, fending off the deluge

People huddle under awnings, or clutch newspapers to their hair

Except for the brave few, who, when they see the forecast

Laugh and run to their closets and dig out their galoshes and

Pull open their doors and dash outside and leap and dance and sing

In the showers of water that cascade from the clouds that cloak the sky

Life is rain – either misery or adventure.  It all depends on how you greet it.


IMG_6214 (1)Katrina is a homeschooled teen with a love for words.  She wrote her first poem at the age of four, and she hasn’t stopped writing since.  She regularly finds story ideas on scraps of paper, written in the childish scrawl of times long past.  In addition to writing, she loves music, art, and catching frogs.  She’s been taking dance lessons for six years and piano lessons for five, and climbing trees for as long as she can remember.  She’ll drop whatever she’s doing to pet a dog.  Books (her own and others’) occupy most of her time.