A great poem reminding us that pain and loss are only temporary, and that God is in the process of making all things right and bringing everything into His kingdom.

By Sarah Spradlin

What a gift it is to simply be. To see. To know. To love.

But not this day, little one.

This day you lament for the ones who will no longer be there.

Whose smiles will fade away

past the edge of time and memory.

You stare at the empty desk

as though you can bring him back,

but he is with Me. Here he is safe.

And so are all who have said goodbye,

who have given their last breath

and embraced the future.

So many tears

have fallen from your eyes, My Child.

I hold them in My hands.

You call out to Me.

Lost. Scared. Afraid.

But you are brave. You are strong. You are Mine.

Open your eyes.

Dry your tears and remember each moment is a gift.

You cannot foresee what will come.

You act as though you know.

Day in day out.

But what passes through My eyes is so much different than yours’.

A whispered goodbye escapes your cracking lips

as you lay your head against your arms,

but not before your eyes behold the paling face

of someone you loved. Who to you is gone.

But what for you is lost, for Me is found.

I greet My child for the first time since He left my kingdom

and took in the breath that welcomed him

into the Darkness of an imperfect world.

You will see he no longer carries the burdens of your world,

but rejoices and sings a new song into the heavens.

Look past this moment, little one.

Remember that many things will come to pass.

This is not the end, rather a beginning.

For you and Me.

For even as he joins Me here, another glimpses the world for the first time.

So do no lament passing the empty desk, the empty chair he leaves behind

But think of who will sit there in the years to come.

The years that pass beyond the edge of your memory.

Beyond you.

Hope in life, little one.

For it is not for grief that I have made you,

but for praise.

And courage.

Be bold in your remembrance.

Do not fear for that which has yet to come.

And do not revel in what has come to pass.

Love is hard, My child.

Love is a sacrifice.

Love is a chance.

But above all, love is patient.

I know

for I love all My children.

So live.

And learn to remember that this is but a passing moment.