I have one million dreams,
Or at least so it seems.
I dream of being an artist who splashes life onto pages,
And of penning adventures that captivate all ages.
I dream of being an animator like Walt Disney himself,
And seeing my name printed on a novel on some bookstoreโ€™s shelf.
I dream of being a chef whose delicacies everyone craves,
And cracking jokes that ripple laughter like waves.
I dream of devouring all the theological masterpieces of literature,
And someday memorizing every sentence, word, and letter of Scripture.
I dream of launching a blog that ignites smiles on a thousand faces,
And of planting God’s seed in far-off places.
So many drawings, so many stories, too many dreams, not enough time,
Not to mention so many other dreams I haven’t mentioned in this rhyme.
I have one million dreams,
But out of them all, one gleams.
Like the blinding sun it shines forth,
Reducing my other dreams to a penny’s worth.
If I ever abandoned that one dream,
The others would lose their beam.
This road may lead to trial, persecution, and tribulation,
But in the end I’ll arrive at my heavenly destination.
I have one million dreams,
May each one magnify the God who redeems!