Oh God, My Comfort

Oh Lord

You know my fears

You see my struggles

It is only through you that these will be removed



You see me in the dark

My soul filled with burdens

Like those on Christian’s back

Dear Jesus

My life is yours

But I feel so drained

I hide behind a smile that is only a lie

Abba, my Father

My tears fall down behind closed doors

I know I am not alone

I feel you holding me in your hand as I confide in you

Jehovah Jireh

Grant me the peace which my grieving spirit longs

Calm my sea

The storm I carry with me

This prayer I lift to you

Oh God of Israel

You move mountains

The rocks cry out to you

Cast away my loneliness, the sorrow I feel tonight

My Prince of Peace

I am drowning in this hardship

My heart continues to ache

I do not understand this depression

My King of Kings

I am so small compared to you

You take care of the sparrows

And the lilies of the field

You grant me your peace

Wonderful Counselor

I read the treasures in your Word

I find your comfort

One day I know I will reach that grand Celestial City


My soul filled with burdens

Like those on Christian’s back

Will roll away down the hill

Because of that redeeming blood I never will deserve

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Christine Eaton is an 18-year-old, high school senior, who loves stories and hopes to someday publish a great novel. She lives in Southern California with her parents and her younger brother. She loves the ability to wear flip-flops in December and spend time with her friends at Disneyland. Besides writing, she loves drama, painting, and reading. Broadway musicals can usually be heard blasting through her bedroom. Some of her favorite authors include A.S. Peterson, Francine Rivers, Louisa May Alcott, and Andrew Peterson.
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  1. Oooh, I really like what you did with the names. Good job, Christi.

  2. Wow. Nice job, Christi. This actually moved me, and few poems do.

  3. That is beautiful! Great job my friend. 🙂

  4. Wow, this is such an amazing poem, Christi! Such a wonderful reminder. 🙂 Awesome job!!

  5. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I CAN’T EVEN WORDS IT! Ack. You have captured so many feelings and promises and hopes and struggles in one beautiful, flowing poem, and I just love it. Never stop writing, girl. You have a gift.

  6. Oh, so beautiful. Love this, Christi. I’m sure it hits home for a lot of people, not just me. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us. 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing this with us, Christi. It is such a beautiful poem, and the way you convey the message and emotion of it is amazing. Keep writing! 🙂

  8. That’s such an encouraging poem, thank you so much!

  9. Bethany Hope says:

    This is really beautiful! I love poems that draw me to focus on God, and that draw from His Word!

  10. Becky Chambers says:

    Amazing job Christi! I loved your use of different names of God;) This is so beautifully touching and encouraging!

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