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Well, KeePers, it’s (finally) official: we’re hiring! It’s time to dust off your family sword and shield and get ready for a powerhouse tournament to determine the lucky few who will join the staff. The location is to be decided, but we’re thinking an abandoned castle in rural Italy. With wi-fi, of course. Transportation cost is not included in your application fees, and all participants must be insured…. internshipfbshared

Just kidding. As much as we’d like to, there won’t be any tournaments (this time). Not saying it won’t happen one day, though. On a positive note, applying for a position is free, and all you need is a solid internet connection to do it. Anyone is welcome (and encouraged) to apply. Don’t be intimidated by the application or those infamous “other people applying”!

If you’re interested in one of the positions below, get ready to sell yourself on the application linked at the end of this post. Then, have at it. Answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability. Make sure you review your responses carefully before pressing submit to beat back any grammar mistakes lurking within and ensure you’ve got your answers just the way you want them. All applications are due at 11:59 ESTon Monday, August 22, 2016. That gives you just over two weeks (An extra “grace weekend”is already included to account for any procrastination: accidental and intentional.) to complete your applications and submit them. Skype interviews will be scheduled as needed.You must complete your application in order to be considered for any positions.

Final decisions are tentatively scheduled to be released on Monday, September 5, 2016.

All positions are classified as internships and will last 6 months with the potential to turn into a permanent position. All positions are unpaid at this time.

The following positions are currently open for applications until 11:59 EST Monday, August 22, 2016:

The Writing Team (Accepting 3 Interns)

Writing Team members are expected to submit at least one written piece for publication a month. Team members will work directly with Kingdom Pen Staff Haley Long and Josiah DeGraaf to meet this goal through individualized critique for each submission and team member. We are looking for KeePers with a variety of writing interests and abilities including (but not limited to): poetry, articles, book reviews, and short stories. Writing Team members are in charge of selecting the monthly writing prompt winner and the monthly six word story winner. All Writing Team business is conducted online through a private Facebook group where members receive reminders on upcoming deadlines, share ideas, vote in monthly competitions, and build friendships within the Team and the Kingdom Pen Staff. Writing Team members are also expected to be active members within the Kingdom Pen community by participating in the Forum, engaging with Kingdom Pen social media, and supporting other writers by commenting on posts shared on the website. Writing Team members can expect to spend about 5-10 hours a month at a minimum.

In summary, the Writing Team supplies the bulk of the published content for the Kingdom Pen website and manages all small scale competitions. If you are interested in working with a tight-knit team of Christian writers to create quality content and meet deadlines, improving your communication and leadership skills, expanding and refining your writing abilities, and becoming a more active member of the Kingdom Pen community, the Writing Team Internship Program could be the perfect fit for you.

Director of Marketing (Accepting 1 Intern)

The Director of Marketing reports directly to the Editor-in-Chief, Reagan Ramm, and ensures that posts from the Kingdom Pen website and other writing-related content is being shared effectively on the Kingdom Pen social media platforms of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. If a marketing team member is not already posting on a platform, the Director of Marketing is expected to run that social media. The Director of Marketing will also form and monitor the marketing team, helping them in any way they need. S/he will ensure that the Marketing Team responds cheerfully and positively to any comments received on the KP social media platforms. The Director of Marketing will attend monthly skype team meetings to perform duties and aid organizational development in addition to communication through the private KP Team Facebook group. S/he will also be responsible for reaching out to other organizations and websites to establish partnerships, expand the subscriber base, and recruit sponsors. The Director of Marketing is also expected to be an active member of the Kingdom Pen community by participating in the Forum, engaging with Kingdom Pen social media, and supporting other writers by commenting on posts shared on the website.

In summary, the Director of Marketing manages all outreach operations of Kingdom Pen through a variety of communication outlets including social media and email. If you love the idea of expanding the Kingdom Pen community through outreach communications, are interested in directing the work of a close-knit team of Christian writers to share the word about Kingdom Pen, want to improve your communication and leadership skills, and becoming a more active member of the Kingdom Pen community, the Marketing Director Internship Program could be the perfect fit for you.

Interested? Click the link below to begin your application:

KP General Application 

And, of course, if you have any questions along the way feel free to leave them in the comments below or email us at

Good luck, KeePers! We hope to hear from you soon.

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  1. Woot! Can’t wait to see how this turns out! Apply, apply, apply! Staffing is one of my favorite things ever. 😀

  2. Aww man… *sniffs* I wish I could do this. I would love it in so many different ways. But my schedule’s crammed as it is. *blows nose loudly* Maybe someday.
    *exits sniffing*

  3. So wish I could do this, but, unfortunately, this is going to be my busiest year of school yet. *sigh*

  4. Man, I completely missed this! That’s okay, though … I should probably be focusing on becoming a better writer and honing my skills right now anyway … shucks!

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