By Isabelle Evans

There she stood,

Tall and pale in the moonlight,

Pearlescent eyes glowing,

Silver scales shining.

The dragon queen,

Glorious majesty,

Hatched from a moon,

Fathered by a star.

She opens her mouth,

Breathing silver fire into the night,

Casting light across the darkened sky,

Dimming the very stars themselves.

As the moon sets she roars,

A pure, beautiful note,

Resounding through the air,

She cocks her head and listens.

A reply echoes back,

A jet of ruby flames cast across the hazy sky,

The dragon king comes with the dawn,

Dressed in all the colors of the sun.

He soars across the sky,

Landing beside his mate,

For a few moments they are together,

Curling around each other in the nest.

But the sun keeps rising,

The dragon queen retreats,

Gazing sorrowfully at the king,

As she flies to her cave.

She sits mournfully at the edge of her cave,

Carefully removing her limbs from growing rays of sun,

The young dragons gather to their mother,

Hiding themselves under her wings.

The dragon king looks to his cave,

Watching his mate and hatchlings,

Waiting for the sunset,

For the reunion of night and day.

Version 2Izzy is a messy, creative, 15-year-old Australian girl (no, she doesn’t ride kangaroos) who loves to read, write, and read some more. She also enjoys making jewelry and dancing (just for fun). She currently resides in Japan as a mission kid with her parents and five siblings.