By Zelphia Peterson

“Speak and act as those who are going to be judged by the law that gives freedom, 13 because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment.” James 2:12-13

Mercy triumphed over judgment

At the cross, that mercy tree

As all our sins were washed away

By His blood on Calvary


Mercy triumphed over judgment

When the stone was rolled away

Sin was vanquished, death defeated

The grave undone on that third day

Mercy triumphed over judgment

Sweet salvation set me free

Holy Spirit, God indwelling

Jesus Christ alive in me

Mercy triumphed over judgment

Heaven’s gates now opened wide

Seen as righteous, judged with mercy

The Lamb of Heaven on our side

Mercy triumphed over judgment

A picture of the Father’s heart

Complete and perfect, true and holy

Given fully, not in part

Mercy triumphed over judgment

In forgiveness, wild love

In acceptance, granting freedom

The healing hand of God above

Mercy triumphed over judgment

In the call to rise again

To lay down all and follow Him

“Go ye therefore” and fish for men

Mercy triumphs over judgment

My life redeemed, forever changed

Set free by love and loved as holy

No turning back, I’m not the same

Zelphia Peterson is nineteen and a native of the Twin Cities region of Minnesota. Currently she lives with her parents and her sister as she completes her final year of college in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Public Health and pre-Physical Therapy. Since she wrote her first poem at a costume party in first grade, Zelphia remains fascinated by wordplay in poetry. For her, perfection is when rhyme, rhythm, and aesthetic sound serve the meaning behind the poetry.

She draws much of her inspiration from scripture and the natural wonders of creation, as well as human experience in general. In her free time, Zelphia enjoys making music in any form, reading voraciously, painting, archery, camping and backpacking with her family, chatting with her sister, and serving her church. She hopes to someday serve the Lord in another country by using her training as a Public Health worker or Physical Therapist.