Sarah Spradlin


United States



Favorite Book(s) or Authors

Lord of the Rings, The Door Within (series), The Squire's Tales (series), Ranger's Apprentice, The Mark of the Lion Series, the Bible, Warriors (series), River of Time (series), The Chronicles of Narnia (series), Guardians of Ga'Hoole (series), Waking the Dead, Crispen and the Cross of Lead, This Present Darkness, The Prophet, and many more!


Well, let’s see. I am… a first-year College Student, a Born-n-Bred Southern Girl, a Born-Again Christian, (Secretly) a Hopeless Romantic, a Real Big Nerd, an Avid Reader, Hopelessly Addicted to Writing, a Big Sister, a Penny Pincher (Unless It’s a Bookstore, of Course!), and a Frequent Public Speaker. I love… Swords, Big Books (and I Cannot Lie), Knights in Shining Armor, Rainy Days, Deep Discussions, Meeting New People, Random Acts of Kindness, AHA! Moments, Tree-Climbing, Chit-Chatting It Up, Singing Along to the Radio, Long Car Rides, Adventure, Agriculture, Wiring, Sketching, Archery, Soundtrack Music, Playing Piano, Singing, Crazy Long Roleplaying Sessions, Feelz Wars, Fandoms (Too Many Fandoms), Helping Others, Leading, Serving, Fighting for the Kingdom. I read… Medieval Fantasy, Christian Fiction, Sci-Fi, Dystopian Fiction, and YA. I write… Poetry, Fanfiction, Novels, Medieval Fantasy, Christian Fiction, Sci-Fi, Dystopian Fiction, Historical Fiction, Speeches, Short-Stories, and Nonfiction Articles.