• Shannon posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Hey guys! So, you might’ve noticed that we’ve been gone for a few days. And yes, I’m so sorry to leave y’all hanging like that. To tell you the truth, Em and I will be gone for at least 3 months for various reasons. I’ll miss you guys so much 😢. If you see anyone that either Emily or I didn’t tag, could you tag them for us?
    BTW You guys have been so helpful to me in my writing! I really appreciate all of you! I hope God prospers all of your writing journeys! 💗

    @salome01w4g, @sam-kowal, @ethryndal, @seekjustice, @singforjoy, @anne-of-lothlorien, @alia, @aratrea, @hope.

    By the way, Sam, Snapper can’t melt glitter. I hope you find your saber 🙂
    Sarah, I’ll still be following your blog, but I’m gonna miss your sarcasm on here!
    Hannah, I’m so sorry that I won’t be able to be in touch with you anymore. I hope y’all’s move goes OK, and I will be praying for you.
    Anne, I will continue to pray for your baby sister!

    *disappears in a poof of sparkles*
    *pokes head back in* I’ll miss the gif battles! *disappears again*

    • @shannon 🙁 🙁 :
      *Stan screams so loud that he accidentally screams out his fire-breathing organ and loses all chances of ever again breathing fire*

      Okay, well, goodbye for a few months @emily and Shannon…
      I will definitely keep looking for my saber. Dragon Snapper can’t melt glitter? Wonderful
      Stan and I’s glitter revenge might be my next story, then

      Thanks 🙂 And God bless you guys’ writing journeys too

      Kingdom Pen is still the bestistest place on the internet… but, truth be told, it’s gonna be a lot less bestistest while you guys are gone

      @daeus @kate-flournoy @emma-flournoy @dragon-snapper @dekreel might want to know

      • Well, I’m gonna miss having all of y’all’s notifications to laugh over when I open up my email. 🙁
        Thanks Sam. We will miss you and Stan too. I forgot to say bye to him. Bye Stan!!!!

    • @Shannon awwww man *sniffs*… well, I hope you have good success while you’re gone. 😉 Don’t stop being awesome.

      • I don’t think it’s in my nature to stop being awesome. JK. Wait a minute…You think I’m awesome? Thanks Kate! I’ll miss you.

    • @shannon When you return, I’ll have found a way to melt glitter.

      But I won’t do it now.

      Once a Kapeefer, always a Kapeefer. 😀

    • @shannon @emily
      Gahhh!!!! Welllll…. Gonna miss you guys. 😢
      My mom wanted to know when y’all will be in Branson so she can plan her work schedule out. So just remember to let me know when you get back… Happy New Year!

    • @shannon I’ll miss you!! KP won’t be the same without you and Emily! *hugs and digs claws into your back ;P*

    • Hope you’re able to find some time to write while you’re gone! I know you’ll be missed in the community. Hope you’ll have a great several months. 🙂

    • Aww man, I’m gonna miss you. I hope you and your writing live well and prosper, and glitter always gets into your stuff. Come back soon. *parting explosion of glitter*

      (You too, @Emily . As Snapper says… “Once a Kapeefer, always a Kapeefer.)

    • @Shannon @Emily Aw, you’ll be missed. :/ Hope your lives continue to go well whatever you may be doing. 😉 And I hope your jewelry business is successful, Shannon. Emily, try not to hurt too many people with Inigo’s sword.