• Sam Kowal posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    @dragon-snapper How can I submit feedback for Sector One? I don’t have Word, so I can’t make any Word comments.
    😀 It’s great, by the way, for a general two-word piece of feedback

    • All right, so basically, you can work on it any way you want. If you work on it Google docs, that’s fine. If you work on it for something else, that’s fine too. Once I receive it I’m able to convert it into a Word document. I only said that I don’t do google docs because that’s not exactly how I send it to people.
      Does that work?

      • Yep, that does. I think I’ll use Google Docs, and then you can convert it how you like after that. Can I use the email that you used to send me the original draft to share the doc with you?

        • Yeah, you could use the doc and then share it with me when you’re done. But as you’re working on it I probably won’t reply to comments. 😉

          • Okay. I’ll comment on everything I can think of then before I share it with you

          • *Roars and screams like a sugar addicted baby dragon*
            Apparently, I can’t do anything to the Sector One word document. Not even cut and paste out of it. Because I haven’t paid for it… so I guess I can retype the story by hand?

            • Unless you can type 10,000 words an hour, I’m pretty sure that would be unreasonable.

              Let me try to resend it to you…

            • Or, if you open the email I sent you with the doc, click on the thing (not download) there should be a button somewhere that says ‘open in google docs’. Do you see that anywhere?

            • Yep, I opened it that way. And it works. Good thinking 😀

          • Actually, I just had an idea. Maybe I can use my precious free trial of Office and get access to at least cutting and pasting, if not uploading