• Jenni Grace W. posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hey-o guys!
    *jumps right in*
    My activity around here these days has been spotty at best, and I am super bummed about that. School and life have just been so low-key insane that my KP time has all but disappeared, and as much as I HATE having to say this, I’m going to have to sign off here semi-permanently till things clear up. (If they clear up. Oi. 😆😭) I’ve been fighting frantically against my schedule to make room for KP and free-time things like it for a while now, and I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I think I’ve doubled my stress load by just wanting to be here. (Seriously, I like you all THAT much.) In light of this, I’ve decided to cut loose most of my self-imposed obligations. This is where I need some help though. I’m officially going away on break, and while I will still be reading and possibly be commenting on all the new material that comes out, I’m shutting my forum activity down. And I think it will help me heaps to know that I officially, actually, really said to you all that I would be gone. So if you could just read this and make it officially official (I’ve used that word waaay too much in this post) that I’ve signed out it would mean a ton. XD Love you all!!

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