• Emma Flournoy posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Hullo peeps, I have a message from our historic forum doctor, @BlueJay, whom many of you remember but I can’t remember everyone who remembers her plus I’m only allowed ten tags so feel free to tag other people if you want. 😉
    I email with her sometimes, hence the message. She says to tell you the forum doctor’s on vacation, and enjoying the hot weather. (Since it’s Summer in Australia. 😉 ) Also I’m sure she’d appreciate it if we utilized self-control with the cookies and ice cream. *severe eyebrows* Keep thyselves healthy and do NOT make her work pile up.


    So yep. That’s it. She’s not forgotten us.
    @clairec @daeus @dragon-snapper @winter-rose @warrioroftherealm @perfectfifths @kate-flournoy @ethryndal @dekreel

    • Also, @BlueJay said she’s been having a deficit of good ideas for writing lately, and if any of you have any spare good ideas she’d love them. She still gets emails when she’s tagged. Anything’s welcome, but especially ones more on the cute short story side of things. So just in case. 😉

    • Thanks for tagging me, Emma. How is she doing? I think about her sometimes (and wonder if she ever got my edits for her Golden Conch story?). Tell her hi for me! *waves*

      • Oh, you edited The Golden Conch too? I didn’t know that. That’s a fun one. 😀 I can ask her if she ever got the edits.
        Yeah, I couldn’t remember for sure if you were around when she was but I was pretty sure. 😉
        She’s doing well, as far as I know… She recently won best film/best actress awards for a short film she made for a film festival, so that sounds pretty good. ;P

    • @emma-flournoy BlueJay is Australian?! Huh! I didn’t know that…
      Anyway, now that I know that she still gets emails… Can I pass a message to her?

      Hiya, @bluejay! I’m Dekreel! 😀 We haven’t met yet, but I am aware of the circumstances, so oddly enough, I miss you! XD So, when you return, expect a greeting from me like we’d always known each other. Because I will be ecstatic XD

      As for cute story ideas…. you know, when I was a kid, I would always write “cute” stories. They involved whirlpools that led to a different universe with an amusement park and a gigantic pool, time traveling into Pompeii — only to be almost burnt up by lava, transmogrifiers, (thanks, Bill Watterson XD), gravity changing machines, and many, many kidnapping incidents. XD

      Oh and rabbit holes. LOTS and LOTS of falling down rabbit holes filled with lava. I liked lava. X’D (Don’t worry — all my characters ended up surviving, thanks to the life-cheating Red Potion) Ohhh, the things that whirled in my head those days…

      So if any of those work, feel free to use them. If you’d like more realistic ideas, let me know! (or let Emma know and then she’ll let me know 😛 )

      • Thanks Dekreel. *grins* I’m sure she’s loving your enthusiastic response. Thanks for the story ideas too. 😉 I don’t know what she thinks of any of them, but if she says anything about ’em I’ll pass it on. 😉

      • BlueJay says ‘can’t wait until I get to meet you properly. ‘


    • Oh, that’s great @emma-flounoy! She was the first person to welcome me, and one of the best friends I’ve ever had here. Please say hi from me, and that I miss her. 🙂 Also I’m glad she’s enjoying the hot weather, ’cause I’m not. 😛

    • Thanks for the update! @emma-flournoy Can you say hi for me? As for ideas, I think writing from the POV of a caterpillar or a sloth might be interesting. 😀 That’s all I have at the moment 🙂

      • Sure thing, I will. 😀 Thanks.

        • @BLUEJAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Yesssss, you will get this message! I MISS YOU, girl! It’s hard being substitute doctor around here, especially since there’s so much ice cream going around.

          Uh, writing ideas. Right. Do something about puppies. Maybe a man who’s deaf with a dog assistant. From the dog point of view?

          Or a story about a dragon who melted chairs… No wait.

          A story about a… yeah, I’ve got nothing. My sibling said pizza, so I don’t know if that helps or not.

          Anyway, it’s great to ‘hear’ from you friend. 🙂 *gives you unmelted chair and phone and a reasonable amount of chocolate*


          • Woah. Um, @bluejay, I think @dragon-snapper just gave you the highest compliment possible for her to give.
            An unmelted chair, AND phone, AND chocolate! Impressive!

          • Yeah, impressive. XD O.K., her message to you, Snapper:
            @dragon-snapper *sinks gratefully into chair and types message on phone while eating chocolate* it’s a good life.
            I really like the idea about the guide dog from it’s perspective.
            I shall have to think about the pizza idea for a bit. 🙂

        • @Winter-Rose From BlueJay: ‘I like your ideas. Very cute. ‘

    • Aww, I was just thinking about her the other day. She was the first one who welcomed me when I came on here as a scared little elfling, and it was the warmest greeting ever. Say hello for me. We miss her.