• Dekreel posted an update 2 weeks ago

    @dragon-snapper First of all, I am REALLY enjoying beta-reading Sector One! It’s genius. I have just finished reading Installment 44. Secondly, I have a question: I made some edits on grammar and structure etc. on “Record Changes” mode, and I was wondering how I was going to get it all back to you. Is there a way? Would I email it to you? Or is that not how beta-reading works? (This is technically my first time beta-reading so…)

    • @dekreel Yaya! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! 😀

      So, if you’re doing Record Changes, I would just send whatever doc. you’re using back to me as an attachment. That should work.

      Ooh… chapter 44. You’re just about to /that/ chapter. Chapter 45 is one of my favorites. XD

      • @dragon-snapper Haha, yeah I just read it this morning! XD It was… different!
        So what if I don’t have your email anymore? Do you have a Silver Phoenix email I could use?

      • @dragon-snapper *squealing* *scratching walls manically* I just finished reading your book. OMIGOSH ITISONEOFTHECOOLESTTHINGSIHAVEEVERREAD!!!!!!!
        *finishes destroying the wallpaper* *moves on to the table* That was amazing!! I especially loved it near the ending. Oh, and the epilogue. GAH! I need to get my paws on the sequel

        • Lol. Different is a word. @dekreel

          … No email? Well, I don’t currently have a contact page on my Silver Phoenix, but I could re-email you? Would that work?

          And as for the second comment…

          *explodes* DEKREEL YOU ARE SO AMAZING FOR SAYING THAT (and amazing anyway XD) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so muuuuch!

          Haha! The sequel has been written, but it seriously needs editing first. I’ll be sure to consult you when I have. Again, thank you!

          • Oh, and I’ll be posting some collages on my blog (the Writings page) within the next few days. So if you want to see those… 😛

            And I have to ask–who’s your favorite character?


          • Sure, that would be fine.
            Thank you! And you’re very welcome!
            Sweet! I will definitely be keeping my eye out for the collages
            My favorite character…… Oooooh…… Gee, I don’t know… I like Ike, although at the beginning of the book he was kind of annoying. I also like Zelaya, Everett, Theron……….. And Kaydon mostly because I got to draw him in the character exchange XD
            So when I pick a favorite, I’ll let you know XD