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    Daeus - "@inkling-for-christ Hi, Since you started two threads on show don’t tell, I immediately thought of you for this. It’s a bit of a big request, but it could be of real benefit to you too. As you know, I’m […]"View
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    Hope Ann - "@bluejay Ummm…how would a shell breaking on a wooden floor sound? Like an egg shell or a sea shell? I’d think maybe a high tinkling or cracking sound…"View
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    Haley Long - "@levipierpont Hey, hey! Just thought I’d let you know that your excerpt you submitted to be critiqued will be airing (posted) on March 2nd! Enjoyed critiquing it! 🙂"View
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    David B. Hunter - "@liddyanne I was just wondering what your experience with Kindle Scout was. Would you recommend it?"View
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    Ezra Wilkinson - "@emma Wait, you like Ray Bradbury too? I’ve read Fahrenheit 451. That’s such a brilliant and amazing book. (Minus Ray’s rather careless usage of rather bad language.) Pretty hard to get a feel for his style I […]"View
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