• ClaireC posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    @dragon-snapper, it was so long since I was here, I just found your topic asking for advice on LOKD 3. Have you ‘released’ it yet? Did I miss it? *gasp*

    • @clairec Worry not! I haven’t released it yet! 😀 Actually, I’m rethinking it to another idea… 😛

      Hehehehe… Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to tag you when I do release it. 🙂

      • Thank goodness! If you put any Aussies in (there are so many of us here now! I can’t believe Anna-brie, Tessa (bluejay) and I were the only ones to start with!) please do make it nice and cliche! You know, all of us riding kangaroos, and offering everyone meat pies or snags (sausages) like,
        “What’s wrong?”
        *crying* “Boo hoo! ___________!”
        “Oh. Here, have a meat pie/snag!”