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    DelightInLife - "@christi-eaton Hello! I saw that you mentioned something about doing Beauty and the Beast? Are you in drama? *excited squeal* I have been doing drama the last four years through our homeschool co-op and love it! […]"View
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    Kate Flournoy - "@daeus hey, just thought I’d let you know that I got a weird notification when I tried to post and failed. It was a pink bar that said ‘ERROR: are you sure you wanted to do that?’ Not sure what’s up… I even went […]"View
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    Brandon Miller - "Wow. Life is crazy, am I right? And would someone tell Christmas to stick around for a while next time he comes around to visit? Thanks."View
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    Mark Kamibaya - "I have a blog that needs readers. It doesn’t have a lot of content, but I’m posting every week so that should be fixed soon. The URL is"View
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    Emma Flournoy - "@LifeofKatie Well hello!! It’s you! You’re on here now! Welcome to the Bestistest Place on the Internet. 😀 And if anyone else tells you that, I still won. XD It’s a contest to see who can tell newcomers that […]"View
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    Greta - "@christi-eaton I forgot to mention before…Congratulations on being a superhero! You really deserved the recognition. 😀"View
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    DanceFree7 - "@gretald Hi Greta! I’ve noticed how much and how reverently you talk of God on Kingdom Pen; I really want to be like that too, but it doesn’t come as easy for me anymore. I was wondering, what do you do to […]"View
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    Keleigha Liess - "@ethryndal For some reason, it’s not letting me respond to that thread… :/ Anyway, I’ve been on KP for maybe a year, just not very active until now. The “Stewards of the Pen” thing kind of gave me an incentive […]"View
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    Ingrid - "If you feel like you’re drowning in life’s problems, don’t worry. Your life guard walks on water."View
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    Corissa Maiden of Praise - "@ceaseless-prayer Hi! I got a friendship request from you and I’m just curious about the reason. Are you just being friendly, or is there a reason? I like friendly people, and I’ll likely accept the offer, but I […]"View
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    ClaireC - "@perfectfifths, how did you change your username? Mine said when I joined that I couldn’t change it?????"View
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    Julia R. - "“Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded.” -Dr. Wayne Dyer ps I have no idea who the guy is who said that, I just thought it was a cool quote!"View
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    Hannah Olsen - "A good author makes sure that the person who picked up their book is not the same as the person who sets it down."View
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    BlueJay - "@kate-flournoy, @emma-flournoy, @winter-rose, @perfectfifths, @sarah-h, @spradlin, @overcomer @everyone else. Hi Keepers, I thought I’d better touch base and let you all know that I’m still around but just not […]"View
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