• Christi Eaton posted an update 10 months ago

    I think one of my favorite times of day are those rare evenings when I am home alone. I can read, write, sing as loud as I want, or just study in silence with Andrew Peterson or the Gray Havens playing in the background. It is moments like these that humble me. I will never cease to be thankful for them.

    • Sounds like a fun evening. (When I’m home alone, that means I can play my violin as long and loud as I want. πŸ˜€ )
      Definitely something to be thankful for.

      • @emma-flournoy.
        Last night was my cast party for Les Miserables and they finally announced the next show! Pray for me as I have auditions for Beauty and the Beast on Monday! *runs off to look up new monologues*
        Anyway, I’d thought you’d like to know πŸ™‚

        • Wheee-haw!!! I’ll be praying, and tell me who you get! So exciting.
          Is this some kind of famous play or musical, or is it something this college or whatever put together specifically?

          • I’ll keep you updated for sure! I’m so excited. It’s going to be put on with the same group I did Les Miserables with, Alethia Christian Theater, and it consists of high school and college students. It’s not the Disney version or the musical and I think they are going full Hans Christian Anderson Version. The cool thing is the directors for this season are a husband and wife who are top notch professional directors so that is really exciting, so I’m sure I’ll really be able to grow and stretch under them even if I get a super tiny role. Plus we are moving out of the tiny Attic Theater and going over to the Huntington Beach Library Theater which is a lot nicer and there’s room so we could actually do full dances if we want. I’m so excited! This whole season is going to be stellar! πŸ˜€

    • *hyperventilates* So who’d you get? BELLE??

        • @emma-flournoy
          I’M STILL WAITING FOR THE FREAKING CAST LIST!!!! AHHHHH!!! It’s “supposed” to come out today, (but it never comes the day they say :/ ) I probably won’t get Belle though, there are a lot of girls with way more talent than I who could play her. I did a cold read for a singing, drunk bandit and in all honesty, I would be perfectly fine playing that character because it was a whole lot of fun.

          • But I was told I totally killed when I did my audition monologue, and that was really encouraging to hear. Especially since I wrote it and it’s nice to hear when they like both what you wrote and your acting. (my monologue gave me a lot of feelings actually because I wrote it as one of my characters)

            I’ll let you know who I get when I find the cast list.

            • @emma-flournoy in case you are interested this is what I wrote and performed. One time I was practicing it and got so much into Beck’s head that I actually started shaking. I had to quit because I got so into it. Beck is probably one of my favorite character’s I’ve ever written (she’s based off of myself in a lot of ways) Anyway, here it is.

              β€œLook at me Peter! I can’t be saved. There is not enough grace in this world, not enough grace from your God. There is nothing that can redeem me from my sins. My name, Rebecca Morgan, hangs on the tongues of both lawmen and commoners from here to Spain. I am a Pirate Captain. For that fact alone, I deserve to be hung for treason, but I have also killed people Peter. My heart is numb and there is a fire of revenge that consumes me. For the longest time all I wanted was to murder the man who killed the only person I could ever love. The only man who could ever love me. There is nothing you or your God can do to save me. My sins are far too great. So, let me turn myself in and pay for what I have done. Even if it means being ended like any other common pirate.”

          • Oh my, apologies. πŸ˜€ I guess they wouldn’t let you know what you get the same day you auditioned, now would they. πŸ˜›

            A singing drunk bandit…how LOVELY. πŸ˜› A female bandit?
            But yeah…I can see how that’d be fun.

    • @Christi-Eaton That’s awesome!! I can imagine people were impressed.
      When you audition then, you do an act of your own choosing, AND you try one of their characters?

      Whew, I’d have liked to see you do that. πŸ˜€