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  • @dekreel

    I am sneaky and may wander off to hunt food stuffs… or hide from the villain. Of course then I could rescue the others. 😁

    😏 She doesnโ€™t think I could fly across an ocean. *laughs* I can. Catwings are gifted in that way. 😉 But if I did leave there would be a very good reason. Like getting me friends. ( @dragon-snapper @jessi-Rae know w…[Read more]

  • @dekreel I saw that movie a looooong time ago. But I forgot most of it. *shrug*

  • @dekreel Opps. It’s been a while since I saw it…

  • I get it. @dekreel
    Everyone I have to go sleep. Good night.

  • @alia @dekreel I have come! And I’m working on Firebird a story I put to the side that I must write now… So bye Starting Fires.
    I will write you later
    And spark all your raging flames
    Til they glow high.

    *pulls out Firebird notes* This is such a different story…

  • @shannon Maybe I need to do a character quiz thingie too. But what I did to meet my characters (since some refused to talk to me.) is write a random scene that just seems fun to write. I try to get a feel for the character and how they act (and look sometimes). Sometimes it’s a tense scene for them or it may be a fun scene. It depends on the…[Read more]

  • @perfectfifths XP indeed.

  • @dekreel Yes!

    “Get a grip! Or so help me I will ground you for a month!”

    “Good. Those look like land based missiles, so there must be land that way.”

    “You mean we have to go toward the guys who tryed to kill us?”

    “If it means land, then yes.”

    There. The scene is complete…

  • @dekreel some of those are writing weaknesses… Now you know more about my character. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Writer’s block… I don’t feel like writing. I don’t know how to get my characters out of a mess. I want to do something else. Rewriting something a few times. I need to work on Showing not Telling.

  • @perfectfifths @daughteroftheking @dragon-snapper @ingridrd @dekreel @people-of-KP Here’s one!

    “We’re dead!”

    “It blew up!”

    “We’re dead!”

    “Did you see that? It blew up!”

    “We’re dead!”

    Now guess!

  • @dragongeek Hello. You play School of Dragons? Well now me and my brother do. So he wanted me to see if we three shall have a clan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @dekreel
    *sees list* … I didn’t think it was that long… I did put some good things…

    Oh! And I can’t faint. I tried. My brain always tricks me into not fainting. Yeah. I held my breath cause I wanted to faint. But my brain didn’t listen. *shrug*

  • @dekreel I have returned!!! My weaknesses? Here’s a few… Things.
    Knows when not to speak, but not always when to speak.

    Doesn’t always plan ahead or outline. Scratch that. Hardly plans or outlines.

    A lot of things she ‘plans’ are random on the spot.

    She puts her characters in an underwater prison and decides they must escape with paper clips,…[Read more]

  • @lady-iliara that’s perfect! I have to go to bed too. Good night. ๐Ÿ˜›

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