Brandon Miller

Favorite Book(s) or Authors

The 100 cupboards, The Lamb Among the Stars, Peter Pan


“Well, I’m back.”The emotion those words spark in Lord of the Rings fans across the world perfectly describes how Brandon feels on a daily basis when he finishes writing and starts working on homework. (Yes, writing comes first.) His fictional worlds, where the suns never set and Rutel is Servant-Lord of the Sky, leave him wanting more…but unfortunately life is still a thing. When Brandon can’t hang out in Faërie, he fills his time with normal mortal things like homework, work, friends, (oxford commas) and family. He enjoys backyard football (or any sport), board games, English country dancing, and reading. He doesn’t particularly enjoy (but still spends time) driving, doing math, and waiting for youtube ads to end.Brandon enjoys writing-related-but-still-not-actually-writing activities including critiquing, outlining, and updating his blog: The Woodland Quill.

(And if you noticed that this is the exact same as my bio on the Writing Staff Bio page, then know two things more:
1. You are very observant.
2. I am very not good at writing bios so when I get one that works… 😛 )