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Some of you may have been following Kingdom Pen for several months, some of you may have been following us for several years, and the majority of you probably fall somewhere in the middle, but either way, you may be wondering who this quasi-elusive KP team is (unless you’ve been stalking our ‘meet the staff’ pages) and may be wondering what all we do here in our various roles at Kingdom Pen.  Well, if you have been asking yourself some of these questions (or even if you haven’t), we met at a staff retreat back in January, and during that time ended up shooting a video about who we are and what all of us do. While Grace unfortunately couldn’t be there, the rest of us are, so if you’re interested in hearing more about us and what we do, make sure to check out the video below!  And we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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Josiah DeGraaf started reading when he was four, started writing fiction when he was six and hasn’t stopped doing either ever since. After growing up with seven younger siblings, he eventually found himself graduated and attending Patrick Henry College, where he plans on majoring in literature with a minor in pedagogy (it’s a fancy Greek word for education).
Someday, Josiah hopes to write fantasy novels that have worlds as imaginative as Brandon Sanderson’s, characters as complex as Orson Scott Card’s, character arcs as dynamic as Jane Austen’s, themes as deep as Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s, and stories as fun as Wayne Thomas Batson’s. Plans for obtaining those impossible goals include listening to a lot of Hans Zimmer, ignoring college work so that he can find time to write, and avoiding coffee at all costs.
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  1. Thoughts? You guys are amazing… I have no idea how you all manage to do all that and still live your lives. 😛 I just want to say again how incredibly helpful this sight has been— I found it through the BYN contest, and up to that point I had been totally on my own as a writer. I didn’t know any other writers; I didn’t think there was anyone else out there who thought like I did, or was as crazy as I was about the same things I was. I didn’t even know one half of an eighth of a quarter of what there is to know about writing… and this sight has changed so much of that.

    So… thanks. To all of you. 🙂

    • We only do it ‘cuz we have awesome community like you ;D I am so glad you ended up joining KP, because the Forum would not be the same awesome place without ya! 😉

    • Josiah DeGraaf says:

      Thanks, Kate! We all definitely appreciate your comments and participation. So glad that you ended up finding us!

  2. *Weeps dramatically. Discards expression. Laughs heartily. Looks around blankly. Starts yelling huzzah *

  3. *thumbs up* Love it, guys! 😀 Awesome to “meet” everyone! I didn’t know Rolena was on the staff before. Learn something new every day. 😛

  4. OH! You know what we should do? We should do like a KP Conference or something. That would be so cool. 🙂

  5. OH WOW! (Sarah, I get to hear your voice for the first time. 🙂 ) This is really good, guys. I was shocked/surprised/delighted when I saw my name on there as the story that was being critiqued. (wow!)
    The start was just too funny. I could hardly breathe. 😀 😛
    I just have to say that Kingdom Pen is the best writing website I have found, (thank you to my friend who showed me it) You guys all do an amazing job. Keep up the great work. I have gotten so much out of KP. (I sometimes wonder how I managed without it.) It is truly an awesome website with everything in it, humor, fun games, help for stories, and critiquing (I love critiquing).
    Well done!

    • I totally didn’t think about that! xD Now we really have to Skype so you can not only share the awesomeness that is Australia, but also to level the playing field. xD Also just wanna say, we’re really glad that you’re here too! Like I told Kate, we wouldn’t do it without such an amazing community to serve. Seriously. Y’all rock. 😉

  6. You guys are seriously awesome! Kingdom Pen has helped me grow as a writer SO much, and I’ve only been involved for a few months. Thank you so, so, SO much for all you do. 🙂

  7. Thank you all for giving me opportunities to do what I love!!! We appreciate you…! 🙂 😀

  8. Thanks, Ingrid! As Sarah has said above, few things keep us pressing forward as much as our great community does here, so thanks for being a part of it!

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