By Joy Peklenk

The ground I stand on shrinks below my feet

As does my soul and my great worlds inside

As I gaze up to majesty complete

To glowing specks of fire that melt my pride

How distant are those hypnotizing dots

How radiant those terrible ghosts of light

And all of this land’s sights and sounds, they rot

When my young eyes and those ghost lights unite

My own imagined world of joy and mirth

So full of dreams and stories, hopes and craves

They peter till they are as small as earth

As this sight uncontrollably wins my gaze

The universe inflates before my eyes

The dark matter between the light expands

As I attempt to comprehend its size

Though I know for a fact that I just can’t

Then suddenly the specks disappear

And then the sky’s dominion dissolves

And my own heart and soul scream out in fear

As I behold the Creator of all

He is the one who holds the stars in place

He is the one who crafts the galaxy

He knows of everybody’s name and face

The definition of infinity

The ground I stand on shrinks below my feet

As I worship His Majesty complete

Joy PeklenkJoy Elisabeth Peklenk is a homeschooled sophomore with Asperger’s syndrome. Ever since she was little, she has loved writing story after story. As words took too much time, she used to draw stick people to illustrate her work instead. In her early teenage years, she began writing a children’s book series. Even though this didn’t work out for her, it did inspire her to keep practicing her story-writing skills. Her other hobbies include photography, drawing, singing, and playing piano. Her favorite things are science fiction, practicing Spanish, and playing cards with her friends.